Thursday, March 21st 2013

MSI Launches the Wind Top AE2212G All-in-One PC

MSI honorably presents its all-new 21.5-inch Wind Top AE2212 and AE2212G All-in-One PCs. The 1920 x 1080 full HD panel with LED background technology features 10-point touch (optional) control and an elegant frameless design to add a touch of elegance to your livingroom. The AE2212 and AE2212G are based on the 3rd Generation Intel Core processors and are featured with an anti-glare display, USB3.0 ports and a bundled keyboard and mouse. Both models will become available in Europe by end of March.

The Wind Top AE2212/AE2212G comes with Microsoft Windows 8 preloaded and features 10-point touch control (optional), allowing you to experience the superior performance of full-flat wide screen monitors. Users can slide freely on the surface of the screen as well as the corners which were hard-to-reach before, and now the whole touch panel is more accessible than ever. Besides, users can download an extensive range of the latest apps from the Windows Store whenever you want as you share and interact with friends.

MSI exclusive Instant Display Technology

MSI developed its own Instant Display Technology which puts the AE2212's monitor automatically into standby mode after the All-in-One PC is powered up, so there's no need to press the power button on the AIO itself to turn it on. It even helps the system save more power. When connecting external devices via the HDMI-in port, the user can also use the AIO as a display only.

THX certified Surround Sound

To ensure that users enjoy the best audiovisual feast possible, the MSI AE2212/AE2212G features THX certified surround sound. So whether users are taking in a movie or kicking back to some tunes, the AE2212/AE2212G's internal speakers will reproduce the sound faithfully just like in the movie theater.
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and i have no freaking clue why they would use an i3+nvidia when its cheaper and better to go with an apu
OEMs are so annoying now adays, its no wonder the pc market is dying, they put such minimal effort into making good/efficient designs now adays
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