Friday, May 3rd 2013

Intel Core i7-4770K Overclocked to 7 GHz

Launch of Intel's Core i7-4770K "Haswell" processor may be a month away, but the chip has been in circulation for some time now. An overclocker going by the handle "rtiueuiurei" managed to get an engineering sample of the chip past the 7 GHz mark, 7012.65 MHz to be precise. A base clock of 91.07 MHz, multiplier of 77.0x, and a staggering 2.56V core voltage, unless CPU-Z read it wrong. A single 2 GB memory module was used; no other details were revealed. Core i7-4770K and a fleet of compatible socket LGA1150 motherboards launch around the first week of June.
Source: OCaholic
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I suggest that both of you put each other on ignore and leave each other alone. Nobody wants to see this and if it continues something will be done about it. I'll leave it to you two to behave like adults and cease this bickering on the forum.

Thank you.
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where the hell are my stars
jihadjoe said:
CPU-Z says 4 cores, just with that it's already a lot more impressive than that FX record OC that turned off 7 of the 8 cores.
Click the link in my post 8.1x with 8 cores enabled and dual channel memory. Which is more enabled than this chip...
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I hope Intel will improve platforms little faster with new features.
Example now is time and for Intel fans to think on more than 4 cores. HT help but better 6 cores.
Than I decide to wait Haswell Extreme. More and more games would be better on 6 core, platform stay and for next 2-3 years better to think on that way.
Other things is real progress not instructions, that's talking about SATA Express, DDR4 and with some 6 core that's real good stuff for gaming in next years. For me is better waiting that than now sell and upgrade on similar performance.
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Still running my i7 960 @ 4 ghz.. Gimme a reliable 5 ghz + and I might upgrade...
But it's not making me feel particularly urgent..
Still nice though.
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