Tuesday, May 28th 2013

Cougar Archon Sleek Gaming Chassis Now Available

COUGAR, leading PC case and power supply maker has introduced their latest PC case, the Archon. With an elegant look and support for longer high-end graphics cards up to 310 mm, this case is the latest iteration from COUGAR's line of sleek gaming cases. The ARCHON delivers expansion capability in a subdued enclosure with windows, grills and an orange highlighted interior. It comes with three 2.5" HDD/SSD trays and three 3.5" HDD trays and features easily cleanable detachable air filters on the front and bottom covers. Like many of their other cases, there is a transparent acrylic side cover so that you can see the internals of the build.

The case will be kept cool with support for up to five fans: one rear 120 mm fan (pre-installed), two optional front side 120 mm fans, and two optional side 120 mm fans along with seven PCI vented slots that provide flexibility and ventilation performance for multiple graphics cards solutions. If you need to kick it up a notch with water cooling, you can do that too with two holes (with rubber protection) on the rear panel.
This mid tower case of course comes with advanced USB 3.0 ports for maximum data transfer speeds and despite its size, the ARCHON can take up to 8 drives or drive bay accessories in total with the Screw-less mechanism design on the 5.25"devices. Lastly, to keep it all neat and organized, the cables feed through on the motherboard tray allowing for easy routing and cable management.

For more information, visit the product page.
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8 Comments on Cougar Archon Sleek Gaming Chassis Now Available

Doesn't look to bad, i like the orange/black. I wish case MFGs would include all the fans necessary. Any word on pricing?
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A number of years ago before PC cases became entertainment and toys for some enthusiasts, most cases came with fans installed. Now that some people want to color coordinate their fans/mobo/heatsinks/RAM/PSU, etc. cases come without fans because many people would replace them and thus don't want to pay for fans they won't use.

Apparently some folks stare at their PC case all day long instead of actually using their PC... ;) That's why color coordination is so important.
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Really liking the layout inside the case. Cant do Mid-tower anymore though. I need the space and thats why i went with the Thermaltake S71 and it is actually pretty good. This might work as the system for my dad though since he needs a case upgrade.
Didnt see a price or it hasnt been announced yet?
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where the hell are my stars
Would look nice with those orange/black fans they sell.
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The side window is oddly placed. You'll see mostly disk drives and cables ( and maybe the top end of your VGA if it's long enough ) through that window. Cougar should really swap the grill and the window's positions. As for the price Archon shouldn't cost more the Volant, which features fan holers on the top, hotswap dock for HDDs/SSDs and PCI slot covers with screws.
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Pointless side window.
Frames nothing of importance.
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To infinity ... and beyond!
Nice to see 2.5" drive bays for ssd's
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Regarding the side panel/window; Wheres your MOD spirit? In an hour i'd have that panel fitted with a full window! They made the outline for us already! A bit of masking tape & a JigSaw/Dremmel, some 2 sided tape and a piece of lexan. DONE. :D

Would look nice with those orange/black fans they sell.
Thats what i was trying to hint at! ;)
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