Tuesday, June 4th 2013

Akasa Unveils Galileo Thin Mini-ITX Fanless Chassis

First surfaced in March, Akasa's Gelileo concept made headlines with its unique approach to passive CPU cooling in silent HTPCs. The case uses a little over a third of its body as a discrete aluminum fin heatsink that's partitioned from the rest of the case, and draws heat from the CPU over heat pipes. In its main compartment, there's enough room for a thin mini-ITX system. This approach could me more efficient compared to cases in which the entire body doubles up as a heatsink, because heat is nucleated and dissipated, rather than being convected all over the case. The case comes with VESA mounts, and ships with a 120W or 180W external power brick. Made of aluminum, the Galileo will be available in brushed-metal trims of black and silver.
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2 Comments on Akasa Unveils Galileo Thin Mini-ITX Fanless Chassis

Fishfaced Nincompoop
Oh hey there. That does look good indeed. I wonder how much it will cost..
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It's actually quite cheap from what I was told, around £65+VAT or something around that, so not too bad at all for what it is.
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