Wednesday, June 5th 2013

Jonsbo Unveils Trio of Windowed Mini-ITX Aluminum Cases

Shenzhen-based PC peripherals maker Jonsbo unveiled a trio of mini-ITX aluminum cases, the U1, U2, and U3, pictured in that order. Available in black, red, and silver brushed-aluminum trims, the three are some of the few mini-ITX cases with a side-panel acrylic window. The U1 is the smallest of the lot, with just enough room for a thick mini-ITX motherboard with up to 90 mm-tall CPU coolers to squeeze in, you get room for two 60~80 mm rear exhaust fans, and a couple of 3.5/2.5-inch drives. The U2, on the other hand, gives you room for two expansion slot bays, taller CPU coolers, and a 120 mm rear exhaust fan, in addition to room for up to four drives. The U3 is the largest of the lot, with room for standard ATX PSUs, width comparable to ATX towers, a 120 mm rear exhaust and the ability to stack several more drives using a drive tray.
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5 Comments on Jonsbo Unveils Trio of Windowed Mini-ITX Aluminum Cases

I love these! They look very smart IMO, and I think its nice that there's a series. It lets people pick a size that's closest to what they need. Hear hear. I think its about time mini-itx became more popular? It seems that with every other kind of laptop/AIO going thinner and lighter, that pc's should have a good showing in the 'performance-itx' category.
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the U3 is simple and i love that, some detail like lian li and they make it simple
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Yes, more love for mITX! :rockout:
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I've always had love for small cases. I dream a dream...and that dream is having a mini/micro-atx system that is small/sexy/strong enough to play the most demanding games:toast:
Laying it down, it could look like a really boxy console....*cough* Gamecube *cought*....And I've gotta say, those are some fine ass looking cases :D
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Incredibly good looking, I really wish for window-less versions.
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