Sunday, June 16th 2013

HighPoint Launches the Industry's Most Affordable 6 Gb/s Hardware RAID HBAs

HighPoint, an industry leading Storage HBA and solutions manufacturer, has launched a new selection of cost-effective hardware RAID HBA's for PC and Mac Platforms - the RocketRAID 362x series. HighPoint's newest class of SATA RAID HBA's, the RocketRAID 362x series, represent the industry's most cost-effective 6Gb/s Hardware RAID Solution. RocketRAID 362x HBA's are ideal for large-scale configurations of 6Gb/s SATA hard drives, and were designed specifically for I/O intensive business and media applications that require a superior level of reliability, data redundancy, and consistent transfer rates.

RocketRAID 362x HBA's utilize a dedicated RAID-on-Chip processor and 512MB of DDR3 cache, which offload RAID-related processing from the host system, freeing up valuable resources and ensuring consistent, high-speed data transfer. A comprehensive management suite delivers a wide-selection of storage monitoring, maintenance and recovery features to help secure mission critical data from the risks of hardware failure. The dual Mini-SAS ports deliver true, uncompromised 6Gb/s transfer bandwidth for each of the 8 device channels. HighPoint's industry proven RAID architecture maintains reliable, high-speed transfers, even if the RAID configuration is degraded or in recovery mode.

Superior Reliability: TerabyteGuard
HighPoint's innovative data security suite secures storage investments against the threat of device failure with a complete selection of preventative hardware maintenance routines and features. Integrated NVRAM with Write Journaling dramatically accelerates recovery procedures and minimizes downtime, while the innovative RAID Recovery tool protects storage configurations by securely storing multiple copies of RAID meta-data, and allows administrators to quickly restore a failed or disabled RAID array. An optional battery backup unit, HPTBBU-05, improves recovery times and secures valuable data for up to 72 hours in the event of a power outage or non-storage related hardware failure.

SATA PM Expansion Solutions
RocketRAID 362x Series RAID-on-Chip HBA's were designed to work in conjunction with HighPoint's revolutionary Rocket EJ340 SATA Expander Modules. Rocket EJ340 Expander Modules quadruple the storage capability of each Mini-SAS port, and enable RocketRAID 362x HBAs to expand from 8 up to 32 hard drives, and support large-scale hardware RAID 5 and 6 storage configurations.

Easily Integrated into Mac & PC Platforms
RocketRAID 3600 series HBA's utilize industry standard Mini-SAS connectivity and low-profile form factors to simplify installation procedures. Device drivers and management suites are available for all major operating systems, including Windows Server 2012, 2008R2, Windows 8, 7 & Vista, Linux Distributions, FreeBSD and Mac OS X. Full backwards compatibility with RocketRAID series HBA's simplifies storage upgrade projects; RAID and JBOD configurations can be moved directly to the RocketRAID 3600 HBA - no need to reconfigure or start from scratch!

  • RocketRAID 3620 MSRP: USD$ 429.00
  • RocketRAID 3622 MSRP: USD$ 579.00
  • Rocket EJ340 MSRP: USD$ 119.00
  • HPTBBU-05 MSRP: USD$ 129.99
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Cool, Hardware RAID Controller for SATA 6G, it can build a stable storage environment for video editing scenario.
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