Tuesday, June 18th 2013

ASUS VivoBook S551 Touch Ultrabook Launches

ASUS announced the release of ASUS VivoBook S551, a 15.6" touch Ultrabook. It offers customers much more accurate and responsive input compared to competing products, with touchscreens utilizing high-precision detection to ensure rewarding and smooth experiences.

ASUS VivoBook S551 has a stylish hairline-treated metallic design with ultra-thin dimensions, measuring just 22.5mm at its thickest point. Within, 4th generation Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics ensure ample power for every application, from productivity to multimedia and gaming. Customers also benefit from an optical drive, made to fit in the compact form factor, and extended 6-hour battery life per charge, which supports longer uninterrupted computing sessions.
Focused on intuitive touch
ASUS VivoBook S551 offers the most responsive and accurate touch input in its class. It gives customers access to the entire Windows 8 gesture control range, with each motion carried out meticulously to make interaction more transparent and less prone to delays and frustration.

ASUS achieves this by using touchscreens that go beyond industry standards and requirements. Their touch actuators resolve input as fine as 6mm in contact, whereas Windows 8 sets 9mm sensitivity as sufficient. ASUS VivoBook S551 offers responsive touch input to enable much finer touch-based activities such as drawing and design.

All-new power and longer battery life
Intel 4th generation Core processors up to an i7 power ASUS VivoBook S551 with the latest technology, opening up faster computing that can easily handle more intense multitasking and higher definition multimedia than were possible on previous touch notebooks. While modest in size as an Ultrabook, ASUS VivoBook S551 includes the versatility of hybrid storage that uses an SSD cache to speed up system operations. It also has a DVD combo drive to provide customers optical media convenience.

For graphics, ASUS VivoBook S551 uses discrete NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphics processors, based on NVIDIA 28nm GPU technology. Full support for DirectX 11 visuals turns ASUS VivoBook S551 into a viable gaming notebook, with special benefit in touch-based games, which are gaining in popularity thanks to Windows 8.

Intel and NVIDIA technologies combine greater power with improved energy efficiency. Together with exclusive ASUS power management features and premium-grade battery materials, ASUS VivoBook S551 attains an average 6-hour battery life in normal use such as web browsing, social networking, and Microsoft Office productivity. Customers enjoy longer computing sessions without having to recharge, adding to freedom of mobility.

Attractive metallic design
ASUS VivoBook S551 stands out for more than its superior touch capabilities and performance. Designers have made it ultra-thin, measuring a mere 22.5mm at its thickest point. Total weight with the power pack is 2.4Kg.

Textured surfaces use hairline-treated aluminum, creating an elegant look while offering tangible usability advantages. Aluminum is lighter than other metals while highly durable to resist potential shock and scratch damage, and supports more efficient heat dissipation to help ASUS VivoBook S551 stay cool in all situations.

This fusion of practicality, advanced performance, and aesthetics is a direct result of ASUS design thinking, which always starts with people and puts the needs and expectations of customers first.
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