Wednesday, July 24th 2013

SilverStone Fortress FT04 Detailed, Goes On Sale

SilverStone's next-generation Fortress chassis, the FT04, is now available from Newegg for US $229. Attempting to warrant that price, this swanky new ATX full-tower from SilverStone comes in two variants, windowed and solid side-panel, each in two color trims - black and silver. The FT04 features the same inward-curved design scheme introduced by Raven RV04, and followed up by the new Raven Mini-ITX. Measuring 219mm (W) x 546mm (H) x 482mm (D), it weighs 11.5 kg. Steel makes up its framework, rear- and side-panels; while aluminum makes up its front door, and top-panel. The windowed variants use clear acrylic.

True to its lineage, Fortress FT04 keeps a focus on noise-dampening, features, and an odd motherboard orientation. In its case, the motherboard tray is oriented bottomside up (BTX-like). In addition to common ATX motherboard types, the tray can seat EATX, SSI-EEB, and SSI-CEB motherboards, which will come handy if you opt for a dual-socket workstation motherboard. The case has enough volume for add-on cards 33.7 cm long, and 17 cm tall; and CPU coolers 16.5 cm tall. A stabilizing beam works to minimize PCB bending of add-on cards. The case offers room for two 5.25-inch drives, seven 3.5-inch ones (from which two are hot-swap capable), and four 2.5-inch ones. Ventilation includes a pair of SilverStone AP182 (180 mm) front intakes building positive air-pressure inside, and provision for a 120 mm rear exhaust.

Many Thanks to Norton for the tip.
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FT02, one of the most beautiful cases ever made. FT03, very unique and cool. FT04, boring and overpriced I might add. I can't see anyone paying that much for this.
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Moderator & WCG-TPU Captain
Silverstone's new Fortress looks like complete junk compared to the classic FT-01 and FT-02 models.

Why did you do this Silverstone???
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Dayum! Some of silverstones new offerings are a bit fugly...
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No thanks Silverstone, I think I'll stick with my ft02 and ft03.
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MT Alex
Bah, the TJ07 was the only one I ever really wanted. It was ahead of it's time with the spot for a radiator in the bottom compartment.
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I'm going crazy or they basically made the same thing as the RV04? :shadedshu
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Yeah, this actually is the same piece of fail the RV-04 turned out to be. What the hell are you on, Silverstone? I could've taken a tacky case and turned it on it's roof for much, much less than $230.

For shame.
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Gaming Moderator
Hey look everybody its the RV04. It looks almost identical, made of similar cheap materials on the front (WTF, WHO DESIGN THAT UGLY FRONT), overpriced for a worse case than before, and absolutely no design overhaul whatsoever!

But dont worry guys, they got your back, the MoBo is upside down.
That makes it all OK, right guys?
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God, they had some of the best industrial designs in the FT02 and the FT03. What do they with the FT04? Improve any of the styling, adding more room for larger motherboards, integrating even better cooling features?

No, of course not. They turn it into a pile of shit.:banghead:
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I heard they are going to remove the tackyness of RV04 for FT04 (and keep everything else the same). Seems that I heard wrong.
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bleh, this is terrible!! I kinda regretted buying my FT02 initially as I wanted something of the same layout/design but a little smaller. I'm now glad I got the FT02 when I did...Looks like its down to Corsair for my future choices....

Silverstone, turning creative innovation into uncreative junk since 2013....
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Is there any ETA on the non-windowed variant? The Fortress series is designed with noise dampening, and a window would seem to be at cross-purposes with that. Also, I don't trust windowed cases to be resistant to EMI interference.

The FT04 looks like a nice case, but I think SilverStone put it in the wrong series. It should really have been a Temjin case, since it's basically a full-ATX version of the TJ08-E, with its inverted motherboard tray, 180mm intake fans, and support brackets for CPU and GPU. That's not a bad thing, but declaring it part of the Fortress series will disappoint SilverStone fans who expect it to have a rotated motherboard.

I would have preferred a plainer front door, but from what I've heard, the fascia is indeed aluminum and of relatively high quality.
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Talk about fugly...
Shouldn't silverstone be taking advantage of that patent they submitted about mobos laying sideways?

Areocool made inverted chassis more interesting than this...even though they had flaws and some lack of space...
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I kow its hard to top a timeless design but.......

:eek:............what was that??????
.......oh....just the sound of silverstone slipping down a notch.....:shadedshu
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