Wednesday, August 21st 2013

Enermax Presents New Aeolus Vegas Cooling Pad

Enermax extends the precious Aeolus notebook cooling series with a new model: The Aeolus Vegas is a high-quality aluminium cooler with an eye-catching four-colour 180 mm LED fan. Due to a magnetic mounting system, the fan can be moved directly towards the hot spots of the notebook. The Aeolus Vegas (CP007) is now available for sale in Europe. MSRP incl. VAT: 44.90 Euro. In coming months, Enermax will release further notebook coolers for different applications and target groups.
4 Factors for Efficient Notebook Cooling
  • 1. Size Matters: In comparison with smaller 120mm or 140mm fans, the integrated 180mm T.B.Vegas Quad fan can achieve a much higher air flow rate at a lower speed. Accordingly, Enermax can ensure an almost silent operation and a strong cooling performance.
  • 2. Well-directed Air Stream Conduction: The T.B.Vegas Quad 180mm fan comes with a performance-capable Vortex frame. Due to the special shape of the frame, the fan generates a strong air twirl which offers a more focussed cooling of heated noteboook parts. In contrast, fans with an ordinary frame design have a high loss in efficiency.
  • 3. Effective Hot Spot Elimination: Each notebook is based on an individual layout, so that the air ventilation and the heat-generating components are located in different areas. Enermax has equipped the Aeolus Vegas with a flexible magnetic fan mounting system so that end users can move the fan directly to the hot spots of their notebook and increase the heat dissipation significantly.
  • 4. Wide Cooling Area: The Aeolus Vegas cooling pad is designed for notebooks of maximum 17-inch size. The wide-area steel mesh in combination with the open bottom of the cooler ensures the best possible air circulation. Apart from that, the frame and the edges of the Aeolus Vegas are made from aluminium, a material with high thermal conductivity.
4 Features for Most Comfortable Operation
  • 1. Additional Port for USB Devices: Aeolus Vegas is powered by +5V USB. Enermax equipped the USB connector with an adapter for additional USB devices that do not consume much energy such as mouse or USB flash drive (max. 100mA power consumption).
  • 2. Perfect Grip: The aluminium edges of the cooler have soft rubber shells. They prevent delicate surfaces from scratches and hold the cooling pad in position. Apart from that, they absorb vibrations very effectively.
  • 3. Stop Cable Tangle: The rear rubber edges provide another useful feature: If the USB wire is too long, it can be wind up to avoid cable tangle.
  • 4. Ergonomic Construction: The Aeolus Vegas is very flat and slightly tilted which gives users a very comfortable typing experience.
The integrated T.B.Vegas Quad fan comes with the patented Enermax LED technology: 24 diodes in blue, red, green and white create an eye-catching illumination. Apart from that, the fan has an integrated micro chip to generate four different light effects. With a small button, users can change the LED mode or just turn off the light.
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7 Comments on Enermax Presents New Aeolus Vegas Cooling Pad

wow, that is so ugly...
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I could make something like this for ~ $20 - $25 :o

Evn less if i already had the fan...
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Pro Indian Modder
as usual like their other stuff, this is going to be blindingly bright XD
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de.das.dude said:
as usual like their other stuff, this is going to be blindingly bright XD
Give a whole new perspective to "Party in your pants!" :p LoL
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Seeing that you can only plug in up to 100ma in USB devices, I assume the device itself takes at most 400ma or 2watts. How is that supposed to move any significant amount of air? It really should have a wall power option so it can take 5 watts or more so it could cool a gaming laptop significantly.
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