Saturday, September 14th 2013

ASRock Announces the Latest FM2 A10 OC COMPETITION with HWBOT!

The world's leading motherboard brand ASRock announced today its latest overclocking competition with HWBOT "ASRock FM2 A10 OC COMPETITION," which will be separated into two benchmarks: CPU-Z and 3DMark11 Performance. The participants will be competing for the highest CPU-Z and 3DMark11 Performance score submissions to HWBOT.

The contest starts from September 23rd and runs until October 21st, it is open to all overclockers with ASRock FM2 or FM2+ series motherboards and AMD A10 series APUs. The total prize is worth more than USD $10,000 dollars and the final champion of each benchmark will be awarded with a top prize worth $2,800 dollars value. Any entry that breaks the world record will be awarded with an additional USD $1, 000 cash prize. With the grand prize and the sponsorship from AMD, PowerColor, ADATA, and Thermaltake, ASRock FM2 A10 OC COMPETITION will be the most attractive OC event for worldwide overclocking enthusiasts.
The contest includes two benchmarks: CPU-Z and 3DMark11. The scores will be reviewed on a weekly basis and the highest scores will be the week's winner. The participant who submits the highest score within these four weeks will be the final champion for each group respectively. The final champions will be awarded with prizes worth USD $2, 800 dollars.

ASRock's latest FM2+ series motherboards are based on AMD's most high end A88X chipset, and the socket will support both FM2+ and FM2 APUs.

Although the new FM2+ "Kaveri" APUs will not be available until next year, AMD fans can still get the latest ASRock FM2+ motherboards that also support FM2 APUs first right now, and then wait for the upcoming FM2+ APUs. Moreover, the easy single click overclocking technology X-Boost will also be implemented on this motherboard, so that users may receive an extra 15.77% performance boost! With the FM2+ series motherboards, participants can enjoy the OC competition challenge and get the exclusive opportunity to break world records!

For more details about the ASRock FM2 A10 OC COMPETITION please go here and here.
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4 Comments on ASRock Announces the Latest FM2 A10 OC COMPETITION with HWBOT!

Being an APU owner, I'm exciting to see the results.
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Ok I'm definitely in on this one
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Awesome! Can't wait to see what this event brings out :D
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It helps sell mobos and APUs so it's all good fun IMO. People get to see that AMD's APUs as well as their CPUs OC very nicely and more importantly they scale well with the OC.
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