Tuesday, October 15th 2013

Toshiba Looking to Buy-out OCZ's Consumer SSD Business

Once a leading SSD vendor, OCZ is finding itself in trouble from two fronts, an increasingly competitive market landscape with the entry of big names such as Samsung, Seagate, and WD; and legal irritants with the SEO. The company is reportedly putting its consumer SSD business up for sale, and Toshiba is emerging to be a front-runner for buying it out. Such a deal could see Toshiba acquiring OCZ's consumer SSD division, and the various brands associated with it, including its Indilinx-Barefoot derived SSD controllers, which are still quite competitive. SSDs could proliferate further with the upcoming SATA-Express standards.
Source: TweakTown
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5 Comments on Toshiba Looking to Buy-out OCZ's Consumer SSD Business

OCZ earnings call today, stock hasn't moved up, even with that rumor .. so I guess we'll see later today whether this is true.
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Don't, Toshiba.... you don't know what you're getting into...
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.....hmmm sorta kills two birds with one stone. Don't trust ocz ....aint crazy about toshibia hdd or ssd......can now avoid both in one fell swoop.
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weird, OCZ dropped all(most) of their products to focus on SDDs but it looks like it hasn't worked out. Whats left? Just PSU's?..

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Western Digital's new rival Eastern Analog will purchase them for a higher price.
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