Monday, October 21st 2013

World Records Set at MOA 2013 Grand Final

On October 19th, the 2013 Master Overclocking Arena (MOA) Grand Finals came to a history changing conclusion. In the end, overclockers broke three world records within just 8 hours.

Ukrainian overclocker T0lsty emerged triumphant as champion in the classic battle and won the cash prize of $3,000 US. Overclocker Rbuass from Brazil, Vivi from South Africa and oc_windforce from Korea defeated all opposition to become the world record masters and won the freestyle battle with a cash prize of $6,000 US. The 2013 MOA saw many world records broken by these master overclockers. One of MOA partners Corsair also exclusively sponsored $1,000 US cash prize is for each specified benchmark that is rewarded to the Rbuass and Vivi who achieved the memory world records.
"MSI Big Bang XPOWER II motherboard's excellent performance helped me to win MOA 2012 Championship and I set XTU world record in MOA 2013 with the same motherboard." said by oc_winforce from Korea. The overclocker from Brazil- Rbuass mentioned "I overclocked with MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard day and night. Even under the extreme overclocking condition, its great stability and performance helped me to break world record five times consecutively." In addition, "I never need to worry about MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX motherboard that let me concentrate on breaking the world record." quoted by South African overclocker- Vivi.

The information of world record breakers as follows:
Ted Hung, Vice President of Motherboard Sales Division, said, "The goal of MOA is to bring world's best overclockers together to break world records. Through this MSI can obtain feedback from professional overclockers to improve MSI motherboards to become perfect."
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all this risky work for $1000 USD, guys better play league of legends
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It's just entertainment for the participants and marketing for the hardware suppliers.
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Well Done VIVI

Congrats ViVi...I just registered to show appreciation to my fellow countryman!
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Jorge said:
It's just entertainment for the participants and marketing for the hardware suppliers.
Haters going hate - Studies prove.

You have got to be one of the most negative, and quite frankly clueless posters I have seen at TPU... I am amazed your account is still active...
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Go OC_windforce :toast::toast::toast:

I dont know them though :roll::roll::roll:
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