Thursday, October 24th 2013

MSI Introduces AE270 and AE221 All-in-One PCs

Leading manufacturer of large-screen All-in-One PCs, Micro-Star International (MSI), continues to innovate and launch the AE221 and AE270, featuring the latest Intel Haswell platform.

The AE221 and AE270 support MSI's exclusive Flicker-Free and Blue Light Control technologies, which are able to effectively protect users' eyes and drastically reduce the strain to the eyes caused by the long hours sitting in front of the screen. AE221 and AE270 both use the 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution panel for full visual enjoyment. AE221 and AE270 also support 10-point multi touch(optional) by integrating with Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 to bring a brand new operating and touch experience to the users.
The MSI AE270 and AE221All-in-One PCs will be available as of today in Europe.

Flickerfree technology
To give users an optimal operating environment, MSI insist on the best and is the first to introduce an anti-glare display on its All-in-One touch PCs. This technology is also supported by non-touch models. For offices with serious glare influences, brightly-lit retail stores and at home, the anti-glare feature protects the user's eyes against reflections coming from the monitor. The Flicker-free Technology embedded into the AE221 and AE270 stabilize the electric current and prevents flickering invisible to the bare eye under normal conditions. It effectively reduces eyestrain as well as improves productivity for those who have to use a PC everyday with long hours. In addition, the AE221 and AE270 also support the exclusive Blue Light Control Technology, which is able to effectively reduce the blue light emitted from the screen. According to TÜV tests, it can reduce blue light up to 75%, which drastically reduces strain and damage to the eyes.

Supports Windows 8.1
MSI's AE221 and AE270 use a projected capacitive touch panel, supporting up to 10 points of contact. Maximizing Microsoft's latest Windows 8.1 features, the capabilities of the AE221 and AE270 are fully unleashed with the unique Windows 8 UI and wide range of Windows 8 Store apps. Users now have an even wider range of touch applications to use.
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