Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

MSI Launches the AE222/G and AE201 All-in-One PCs

MSI proudly announces its latest AIO PCs, the AE222/G & AE201, featuring a 21.5" display with Intel Haswell i3/i5 CPU. They both have the elegant appearance of the general family look of MSI's AIO AE Series. However, the internal hardware is upgraded dramatically. In order to provide the best user experience, these AE series are featured with a Full-HD panel and the exclusive "Flicker-Free" & "Less-Blue Light" technology, providing users a great full system which are harmless for the eyes. Furthermore, the AE222(G) & AE201 also preloaded the Win8.1, which is the latest version on WinOS. All of these features make sure to provide users a great and remarkable AIO.

Both All-in-One PCs will be available in the first week of December 2013.
Flicker-Free technology
To give users an optimal operating environment, MSI insist on the best and is the first to introduce an anti-glare display on its All-in-One touch PCs. This technology is also supported by non-touch models. For offices with serious glare influences, brightly-lit retail stores and at home, the anti-glare feature protects the user's eyes against reflections coming from the monitor. The Flicker-free Technology embedded into the AE222 and AE201 stabilize the electric current and prevents flickering invisible to the bare eye under normal conditions. It effectively reduces eyestrain as well as improves productivity for those who have to use a PC everyday with long hours. In addition, the AE222 and AE201 also support the exclusive Blue Light Control Technology, which is able to effectively reduce the blue light emitted from the screen. According to TÜV tests, it can reduce blue light up to 75%, which drastically reduces strain and hurt to the eyes.

Features overview
  • Latest Intel Haswell Platform
  • Exclusive Flicker-Free and Less Blue Light Technology
  • Sufficient USB 3.0 Slot with Super Charge Technology
  • Exclusive Display Adjusting Software - ScenaMax
  • Sound Blaster Cinema
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GT740M aside, can this beat monitor+NUC piggyback?
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