Thursday, March 6th 2014

SilentiumPC Unveils the Aquarius X90 Water Cooling Friendly E-ATX Case

We at SilentiumPC are not afraid of water. That's why we decided to release a unique chassis designed specifically for liquid cooling your PC, the Aquarius X90 Pure Black. Design concept behind this case is simple - to give you extra space and flexibility for installing advanced custom water cooling loop without any modifications. While retaining mid-tower footprint the X90 amazingly spacious interior supports up to three radiators, E-ATX motherboards, 355mm VGA cards and is dual-PSU capable. Along with classy, minimalistic looks and real value for money the X90 is an ultimate choice for high-end gaming systems.
  • Superb water cooling support with spaces for three thick radiators!
  • Powerful cooling system with up to 6 fans (4 x fans and a fan hub included)
  • Incredibly spacious interior, up to E-ATX compatible and dual-PSU capable
  • Stylish, minimalistic looks and elegant Pure Black color scheme
  • Supports GPUs up to 355mm long, CPU coolers up to 180mm tall
Product code: SPC098, Warranty: 24 months, Suggested retail price: 89,00€ / 99,00 USD.

For more information, visit the product page.
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11 Comments on SilentiumPC Unveils the Aquarius X90 Water Cooling Friendly E-ATX Case

WCG-TPU Team All-Star!
I think this looks pretty great and is at a nice price. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
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Apart from its good looks, there is very little possibility of installing radiators. 2 radiator inside one while out on the caseback. (2x140 x 65, 120 x 3 x 65 x 1x140 x 85 max.) It would be sufficient for almost any installation of the hardware. Controller to be easily placed in the top slot but optical unit would definitely having problems with the airflow and determine thinner radiators. each to six months must be cleaned hardware as dust, regardless of the dust filters stick your airflow. The need for an optical unit has been greatly reduced but still there is a lot of games and movies .. we have purchased or made in the form of a BR or DVD format which requires the installation of at least 10 mm leptop unit. Nice case :) but we need to subtract a large number of fans wich will be greatly raise the price !
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Water cooling is not per se quieter than a typical aftermarket HSF as the radiators need high static pressure for proper cooling. In addition HSFs never leak water to short circuit and damage the PC hardware.
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Marty 1480
I really like the shape. Also the price is pretty good for such a big case. Could do a windowed version.
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Marty 1480 said:
I really like the shape. Also the price is pretty good for such a big case. Could do a windowed version.
Just saw on their website that a windowed panel is available, just does't state what the price is.

" Optional extras
For added functionality Aquarius X90 can be fitted with optional side window for showing off your system and two special brackets for installing up to eight(!) additional 3,5” hard drives.

It's a shame it's (currently) only available in Europe.
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looks pretty good and the design is straight forward
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Yeah, this is pretty nice. If I was going to build eATX and/or WC I'd consider this case. It's short-depth design doesn't result in a lot of wasted space if you're not using opticals or 3.5" HD.
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Sign me up, looks pretty good!
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