Tuesday, June 3rd 2014

EVGA Prototype X99 Motherboard On Display at Computex

At its Computex 2014 booth EVGA is showcasing a prototype motherboard powered by Intel's upcoming X99 chipset. This Haswell-E-supporting LGA2011 board packs eight DDR4 memory slots, ten SATA ports, five PCI-Express x16 slots allowing for SLI/Crossfire setups, 7.1 channel audio, dual Gigabit Ethernet, and various goodies to help overclockers get the most out of their setup.

EVGA's X99 board is likely set to debut as soon as Intel launches the chipset and the new Core i7-5xxxK line of processors, sometime in Q3.
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8 Comments on EVGA Prototype X99 Motherboard On Display at Computex

That CPU socket is HUGE!

Do want! :rockout:
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EVGA were making some pretty hot boards for a while. Maybe they'll get their mojo for the mobo back? ;)
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finally, 24pin that is right angle. My prayers been heard!!!
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mr2009finally, 24pin that is right angle. My prayers been heard!!!
and there is a right angle 6-pin power connector at the bottom of the lower left corner of the board. That could be very convenient for cases with a PSU located at the bottom. No more routing that cable across the entire board at the top.

Oh wait,....

Never-mind what I just said, there is an 8-pin power connector right at the top,.... ;)

Its not easy to see everything from this picture but it does look like a nice board.

My major issue with this X99 prototype board is it looks a lot like a typical X79 board. I see no mSATA, M1 / M2 slots or SATAe. There is nothing to me at first glance that looks new for late 2014 / early 2015.

I get that there will be a new X99 chipset, new processors (40 PCIe lanes for high-end / mid and 28 PCIe lanes for entry level), new LGA2011-3 socket (which is the same size and pin count as the old LGA2011 socket) and new DDR4 RAM.

and so on,....

None of that is visually apparent though (because it looks like the same old, same old) so while there is new tech here it seems to be missing some "wiz bang" that we are seeing on consumer level boards.
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i supposed that 6pin is for those pci slot?
it is kinda weird since the X99 from MSI too have no M.2 slot.
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LionheartThat CPU socket is HUGE!

Do want! :rockout:
Same as X79. You, the people with toylike sockets now see it lol.
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They should go with SATA Express, it's not joking and USB 3.1 too.
But I like this board more than X79 Dark.
All EVGA high end motherboards after P67 FTW are righ angled 24pin...
When some enter in my room even in light in my case is only from hardware but you can see pretty much...people immediately recognize famous angled 24pin...
OK now I keep rubber on metal parts and than you can't see nothing, as no 24 pin at all, but you can remove that black rubber easy. No some 15-16cm long wave.
But EVGA boards shine on some specific way and more you look them they are better and better and how time pass you love them more and more.
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Compared to ROG boards of ASUS - EVGA just sucks. :) Even the BIOS support is poor.
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