Tuesday, June 10th 2014

AMD FirePro W8100 Pictured

At a conference in early June, AMD accidentally disclosed its upcoming FirePro W8100 professional graphics card, ahead of its launch. A cut-down of the FirePro W9100, the W8100 is based on the 28 nm "Hawaii" silicon, that's binned for higher durability. It features 2,560 GCN2 stream processors, 160 TMUs, 64 ROPs, and a 512-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, holding 8 GB of memory. Compare those to the 2,816 SPs and 16 GB memory of the W9100. The core on the W8100 is clocked at 825 MHz, at which, it puts out single-precision floating point performance of 4.2 TFLOP/s. The dual-slot card is built on a red PCB that's unlike anything AMD built Radeon brand cards out of. It draws power from two 6-pin PCIe power connectors, is shorter in length than the consumer R9 290 reference board, and features a back-plate, to cool memory chips on the reverse side of the PCB. The card supports DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.4, and Mantle. It will likely be positioned against NVIDIA's Quadro K5000, at the US $2,500 range. It will also be one of the GPU options in Dell's Precision T7800 workstations.
Source: VR-Zone
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Ass ugly cable management :ohwell: Can't they afford some zip ties? :nutkick:

Wondering if the shorter form factor will reach consumers.
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they shorten the card but put the power cables there lol
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The Von Matrices
nunomoreira10 said:
they shorten the card but put the power cables there lol
It's a de facto standard for workstation GPUs. All the Quadro cards have the power cables in that location as well. It probably makes the system builders' lives easier to have all the workstation GPUs put the power cables in the same place.

As far as cable management, this system looks like the card was not part of the original system. Dell typically has good cable management in my experience; this doesn't look like something Dell would actually ship pre-built.
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would be interresting to flash dat vBios to an 290x even if its a tad bit slow then :rolleyes:
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The Exiled Airman
Wont work as most dont have 8gb of ram
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