Tuesday, June 24th 2014

NZXT Kraken X41 and Kraken X61 Liquid CPU Coolers Now Available

NZXT started selling its Kraken X41 and Kraken X61 "smart" liquid CPU coolers. Equipped with the ability to interface with NZXT's CAM software over USB, which lets you monitor/control coolant temperature, pressure, and fan-speeds; the two are among the first to ship with 140 mm radiators. The Kraken X41 features a 140 mm x 140 mm radiator, while the Kraken X41 features 140 mm x 280 mm. Both ship with NZXT's FX V2 PWM fans which spin at speeds between 800 and 2,000 RPM, pushing between 42.4 and 106.1 CFM of air, with noise output ranging between 20 and 37 dBA. The coolers are compatible with all modern CPU socket types, including LGA2011, LGA115x, AM3+, and FM2+. The Kraken X41 is priced at 99.99€, and the Kraken X61 at 124.99€.
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4 Comments on NZXT Kraken X41 and Kraken X61 Liquid CPU Coolers Now Available

Old shit new packaging! Radiator, aluminum, copper cooler that will surely live long. well not to add water as it would in a week with corrosion closed cooling holes . I have no confidence in these solutions. Closed systems are progressing but not like it would be better but so it would be cheaper to manufacture. Regardless of the 2 x 140 mm radiator cooling potential is very strong but what when the pipes are so thin and everything can not be upgraded.
Cooler Master has done a much better system! but once again what made the aluminum radiator so popular !
The worst possible solution and is cheap ! I hope that the copper radiator .
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Going to ignore this salad of translated words^.

Good for NZXT, as their previous set of Kraken coolers were actually able to reach the top of the cooling charts.
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Hope NZXT doesn't screw the pooch on the software like Corsair did with Link.

Anyone know whether CAM will work with the X60?
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Does anyone know whether these are sold somewhere in Europe yet?
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