Wednesday, June 25th 2014

GIGABYTE Announces the 'BRIX Gaming' DIY PC Kit

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and PC systems, is proud to announce the BRIX Gaming, a compact DIY PC kit that features professional CPU performance of the Intel Core i5 4200H processor matched with the visually stunning graphics of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760.

"The GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming is the perfect showcase for Intel and Nvidia's exceptional technologies," commented Henry Kao, VP of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit. "The BRIX Gaming packs a high-performance, desktop-class processor and GPU that is highly suited to processor-intensive creative applications and 3D gaming titles. It is a great example of the type of innovation GIGABYTE is delivering for the desktop PC space."
GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming - Highly Compact, Highly Potent
The BRIX Gaming takes the signature compact design philosophy of the GIGABYTE BRIX series, adding a high-performance Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, making it ideally suited to CPU-intensive applications like image design and video editing. The superior graphics performance of the BRIX Gaming means it's also great for 3D gaming.

Available in black and green, with a choice of an Intel Core i5 4200H or Intel Core i7 processor (i7 version to launch in August) respectively, the BRIX Gaming is a DIY PC kit, shipped with a Wi-Fi Mini PCIe module pre-installed, a power adapter and cable.

The BRIX Gaming gives users the flexibility to independently choose integrated storage and system memory sizes, with the two SO-DIMM DD3L slots and the support for both mSATA SSD and standard 2.5" SSD / HDD installation.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 Graphics
The BRIX Gaming is the first ultra-small footprint device to boast the cutting edge graphics capabilities of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 graphics. Based on the Nvidia Kepler architecture, it uses an on-package 6Gb/ 3Gb GDDR5 that negates memory pipeline issues, greatly boosting overall performance in 3D applications.

Surround Display and Native 4K Decode Support
The GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming features one Mini DisplayPort and two HDMI ports on the rear panel, enabling support for simultaneous triple display connectivity, making it suited for the work place, home theater and entertainment scenarios, and not to forget casual 3D gaming. The GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming also supports the latest 4K displays.

USB 3.0 and Network Connectivity
The GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming provides four USB 3.0 ports (2x front plus 2x rear) offering improved connectivity for peripherals, storage devices and more. In addition to including a Gigabit Ethernet port, the GIGABYTE BRIX Gaming also includes a Mini PCIe module offering IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and the latest Bluetooth 4.0, providing connectivity for low power Bluetooth devices and peripherals, as well as allowing users to easily connect their mobile devices.

VESA Support:
Bundled with a VESA bracket, the BRIX Gaming can easily be mounted behind a monitor or HDTV, making it discreetly hidden from view. This offers a simple and elegant way to turn any VESA-compliant display or TV into a full-featured PC or digital signage unit.
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15 Comments on GIGABYTE Announces the 'BRIX Gaming' DIY PC Kit

A GTX 760 packaged into that tiny thing? That's impressive :toast:
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I really like the nvidia theme-y look.
this (i7 variant) would make an epic workstation machine.

small enough to cart around and fast enough to actually use decent software on. (provided the advertising is factually sound)

really would like to know the price, I might need to give our local QFE a call and ask him about it if I can con my boss into getting me one for work :toast:
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now this is what missing from my TV. a full fledge media player than can play all my steam game....
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This is really nice! Would suite all of my needs. I wonder if 760 here is full desktop part or 760m ?
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The Quim Reaper
it uses an on-package 6Gb/ 3Gb GDDR5

That makes no it a 760 with 3GB Vram or 6GB....neither of which currently exist?
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Weren't these NUCs already running too hot to begin with? There's no way they can cool a GTX760 in such a small formfactor. The card produces 150Watts of heat so it has to be the GTX 760M and even then its going to sound like a jet engine.
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The Quim Reaper
LDNL, post: 3127894, member: 92195"
so it has to be the GTX 760M and even then its going to sound like a jet engine.
That makes sense now....the 760M can come with more RAM than the desktop parts, lol a 760M is only a little bit more powerful than a desktop 740.

Deceitful marketing teams pull another fast one.

Article needs to be corrected.
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750ti would be realistic for this one, because of best wat/preformace ratio EVER (still to hot, to big for this tinny thing), but 760 (without "M") makes no sence.
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The Quim Reaper, post: 3127893, member: 116062"

That makes no it a 760 with 3GB Vram or 6GB....neither of which currently exist?
OEM versions exist with 1.5GB and 3GB memory:

However the press release wrote Gb (gigabit) not GB (gigabyte). If that was intentional then 3Gbit = 750MB, 6Gbit = 1.5GB. Personally I don't see the point of equipping a GTX 760 with 750MB (too low) or 6GB (too high) of VRAM.
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Still, very very impressive size to performance ratio.
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Steven B
it is a GTX760 NOT the M varient, and yea its 6GB GDDR5, its a lot, and it prob does get very hot. But this was engineered with nvidia engineers, not some toss everything in there clusterfuck type deal.

your dude who went to computex was misinformed b/c last time I checked it was a 760 not the M varient.
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Cool, I like these brix computers as I would see them be great for small areas and putting them attached to monitors on the back side. I am curious about the GTX 760 inside though because there seems to be a mis-interpretation on what exactly is inside (Though it seems to be leaning towards the full GTX 760). There are those short GTX 760 cards so it would be no surprise if they had the full card fit on a tiny PCB in there.
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This case demonstrates just how large ethernet ports are now that other connectors' dimensions have miniaturized.

Overall, a nice little package, but I dont like that green.
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Steven B
I have confirmed many times now with GBT that it is a GTX 760 and not a 760M, this thing has been announced more than once with people being like it can't be a 760 it has to be the 760m, that isn't the case, its a GTX760, non M.

Also the 3/6gb thing I did have to get clarification from GBT (that is really TPU's job) on b/c i was only aware of a 6gb model, they said there is also a 3gb model, however that 3/6 thing is very confusing, but means that there are two models, a 6gb one and a 3gb one, I am guessing the 6gb is there for better 4K support.
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