Monday, July 28th 2014

LEPA LV12 CPU Cooler Launched in Europe

With high-end power supplies like the G1600, LEPA has already built a reputation in Europe. Also the chassis and fans of the young brand enjoy an increasing popularity. Now, the manufacturer enters another cooling section: The CPU cooler LV12 is the result of extensive research and development. The engineers designed a slim and compact heat sink which avoids compatibility issues with higher RAM modules while maintaining a high performance capability.

LEPA relies on a new technique for efficient air stream conduction: Small air vents improve the air circulation inside the heat sink and increase the heat dissipation rate. The heat pipes rest directly on the CPU so that hot spots can be eliminated quickly. Due to these techniques, LEPA engineers have been able to lower down the thermal resistance of the cooler to just 0.095°C/W.
"The aesthetics on this cooler are nothing short of spectacular"
British Hardware magazine has tested the LV12 CPU cooler exclusively. Considering the compact heat sink size of the LV12, it achieved an excellent performance. The new LEPA cooler has kept the temperature of the Intel Core i7-3930K at just 35.5°C while maintaining a low noise generation with 1,800 RPM fan speed. Apart from this, Vortez was impressed by the design and quality of the LV12: "In the styling department they have pushed the boundaries because the aesthetics on this cooler are nothing short of spectacular and it's mainly down to this, along with build quality and ease of use that we can hand out our silver award."

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Quiet BOL Fan
LEPA includes a high-quality PWM fan with the durable "Barometric Oil-less" (BOL) bearing. Thanks to the application of self-lubricating materials, the patented technology allows for a consistently silent operation with 160,000 hours MTBF. Apart from that, you can detach the fan blades in order to clean them from dust and avoid a drop in performance. The 12 cm fan comes with an automatic PWM control and three RPM modes. That way, you can adjust the RPM setting according to your individual system requirements: Silence Mode (800 - 1,500 RPM), Performance Mode (800 - 1,800 RPM) and Overclocking Mode (800 - 2,200 RPM).

Matt Black High-Tech Finish
The stylish matt black coating is not only upgrading the cooler optically, but also protects it from corrosion. LEPA applies a high-tech finish ("Super Thermal Conductive Coating") which makes sure that it does not affect the thermal conductivity and cooling performance of the cooler. The quick and user-friendly mounting system supports all current Intel and AMD platforms. In short, the cooler will be available on sale for a MSRP of 36.90 Euro incl. VAT.
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"LEPA applies a high-tech finish ("Super Thermal Conductive Coating")" - otherwise known as black spray paint. At least they didn't call it a "nano coating"...
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And it seems they didn't go easy on the spray can.
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I though it was black nickel .........fkn paint with leprosy.
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looks like copy of 212evo , the fans might be nice separately .
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Hood, post: 3142350, member: 110365"
"LEPA applies a high-tech finish ("Super Thermal Conductive Coating")" - otherwise known as black spray paint. At least they didn't call it a "nano coating"...
Actually it was probably painted with static electricity. Most metal parts are done that way these days, because the paint never comes off unless seriously damaged, and it saves on waste paint too. I used to do it at a workshop about 6 years ago. Very cheap to make a quality finish. Fun too.
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