Thursday, August 7th 2014

Phison Announces Quad-Core PS3110 SATA III SSD Controller

Phison Electronics Corporation, a global leader in SSD controllers, today announced its latest quad-core SATA III 6 Gb/s SSD controller, the PS3110 SSD processor.PS3110 is a performance power house, delicately crafted to support not only the high-end client SSD market, but also includes multiple hardware and firmware features to make it an ideal choice for the entry-level enterprise SSD solutions supporting up to 2 Terabyte.

The building blocks of PS3110 include a quad-core CPU, end-to-end data path protection circuits, and SmartECC technology to provide additional error bit correction while supporting the latest generation 1Ynm/1Znm MLC and TLC NAND.
Image courtesy of PC Perspective.

Working with today's 1Ynm MLC, PS3110 delivers up to 550 MB/s sequential read and 530 MB/s sequential write performance, with random 4K IOPS up 100,000 read and 90,000 write. With the additional AES-256 engine and P-fail feature options, PS3110 is able to offer a comprehensive product line across client, industrial, entry-level enterprise, and data center SSD solutions.

"With the various consolidations in the SSD flash controller market, finding a partner with a proven track record and years of SSD experience is becoming more difficult," said Mike McClimans, Sr. Director and General Manager of SMART Modular's Flash Product Line. "We believe the Phison's PS3110 will be a strong contender in the high-end SATA-III controller space."

PS3110 is also Phison's first SSD controller supporting TLC flash, offering SSD solution provider to address the entry-level, cost-centric market. With years of experience of developing TLC-based firmware on several existing NAND flash controllers, Phison is leveraging the know-how of handling TLC into PS3110 to improve its endurance and performance.

"We are extremely excited about our latest PS3110 controller. While Phison's current controllers PS3108 and PS3109 has successfully built Phison as a top-tier SSD solution supplier, PS3110 widens our support to high-performing client and entry-level enterprise market." said KS Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics.

Phison is closely working with its SSD partners to enable PS3110 to mass-production. The production ramp is expected to be Q3 of 2014.

Key highlights for PS3110 solution include:
  • Up to 2 Terabytes support
  • 1Ynm and 1Znm SLC, MLC, and TLC support
  • Ultra high performance
  • Sequential Read: up to 550 MB/s
    Sequential Write: up to 530 MB/s
    4K Random Read: up to 100,000 IOPS
    4K Random Write: up to 90,000 IOPS
  • Support both commercial and industrial grade requirements
  • AES-256, TCG OPAL 2.0 compliant (A10 derivative)
  • S.M.A.R.T support with Phison SSD ToolBox
Advanced Features:
  • End-to-end data path protection
  • SmartECC RAID data protection
  • P-fail protection with SmartFlush and GuaranteedFlush technology
  • Advanced read disturb management with SmartRefresh technology
  • Advanced global wear-leveling
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As in the first test results showed the solution is full of ups and downs at different reading speeds .This total and final result is good ,but at various intermediate speeds doo not reaches the magnetic disks !
Maybe are missing right drivers ,but we would expect much better according to the four cors .
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