Tuesday, August 12th 2014

Thermaltake Announces Toughpower DPS G Series and DPSApp

Thermaltake, being an industry leader in computer chassis, thermal solutions, and power supply units, launches the latest Toughpower DPS G Series, an innovative 80 PLUS Gold certified digitally-controlled power supply range from 450W up to 1050W with DPSApp software. After receiving favorable reviews and feedbacks from many friends of media and associates on DPS Series last year, Thermaltake decided to expand the series with a much more reasonable price for all system builders to apply with in different circumstances.

The new DPS G series with the aid of DPSApp Software not only provides the system with clean and stable power, it also creates an intelligent platform that allows users to monitor and record the status of power consumption, voltage distribution and the electricity cost for advance usage. Out of all the PSU monitoring software applications, Thermaltake DPSApp is the most powerful, flexible, universal and easy-to-use supreme monitoring tool to have on the market.
DPSApp is available for download online.

Characteristics of DPS G as follow:

Calculate the Electricity Cost
Because the software digitally calculates the PC's electricity cost, it can be helpful as an expense control and management tool.

Power Consumption, Efficiency, and Voltage Monitoring
The DPSApp software enables users to monitor the system's power consumption, voltage distribution and the efficiency while engaging in different activities, such as playing games, browsing the internet, checking email, and so on.

Sharing in the Cloud
With no connecting boundaries, DPSApp also provides users an impeccable way to share the power usage results with friends and colleagues through social network applications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo, or via e-mail.

Quantitative Data Management
Users can organize and save the record of personal usage pattern in detail for future review or further analysis. Each saved record can record up to six hours of usage.

Digital Fan Control
The DPSApp software allows users to monitor and adjust the fan speed of the system's power supply in either silent or performance mode.

Fully Modular Cable Design
The fully modular cabling design allows you to use only those cables you need, resulting in optimal airflow and reduced system clutter.

80 PLUS Gold-certified and Haswell-ready
Toughpower DPS Power Supply with DPSApp Software delivers up to 87%-92% efficiency under real-world load conditions, promising the lowest power losses. Additionally, DPS G Series has been optimized to work with Intel's new, fourth-generation Haswell processors to achieve maximum energy savings.

100% 105°C Japanese Electrolytic Capacitors
The Toughpower DPS G series features 105oC/221oF Japanese brand capacitors, which greatly improves the durability and offers the highest stability and reliability.
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7 Comments on Thermaltake Announces Toughpower DPS G Series and DPSApp

Sweet mother of god... these are ugly!
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Sweet mother of god... these are ugly!
ha ha ha.. i just wanna say the same, they should throw the golden accent and leave it just black and red or black and gold
and sharing in the cloud?
i think its kinda too much for psu o_O
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The kids love colors... Actual power quality doesn't matter, it's the colors that count. /sarcasm
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Anyone else think the grill sort of looks like it belongs on a bathroom vent???

Just sayin'.
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Marty 1480
I think their design department was out for a leak while this one was being designed.
That is one of the ugliest things I have ever seen to go into a computer. I guess they are going after the non-windowed case market with this one.
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If ya are worried about the color of a PSU over the quality build, then it's over for ya.
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Marty 1480
If ya are worried about the color of a PSU over the quality build, then it's over for ya.
When most people make a purchasing decision, the design and even the box makes up a big part of it. Also a lot of people have windowed cases where the design of a PSU makes a big difference. With so many different ones on the market, if specifications are the same the prettier one always wins out.
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