Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

ENERMAX Announces TwisterStorm High Airflow Fan

Being a high performance fan manufacturer, Enermax proudly launches its TwisterStorm, a follow-up to its high air pressure fan, TwisterPressure. TwisterStorm achieves 3500rpm industrial grade performance. With Enermax's advanced patented Twister Bearing technology, TwisterStorm is the world's leading non-ball-bearing structure high speed fan. TwisterStorm has a Shift Speed Control for three different speeds: 1500/2500/3500, allowing users to adjust the setting based on their needs.
Storm-Flow Blade Design
Storm-Flow blade design comes with sophisticate inclination inlet & outlet angles. It provides up to 30% more airflow than normal blades, and concentrates air output pressure.

Twister Bearing
Patented Twister Bearing comes with Storm version, allowing stable operation at 3500rpm and longer lifespan of 160,000 hours MTBF. Furthermore, Twister Bearing also features the detachable blades design for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Shift Speed Control (SSC)
Shift Speed Control allows users to adjust the preferred set fan speed by switching the speed controller at the fan hub. This provides three speed modes: 1500 / 2500/ 3500 rpm which enables the fan to meet different applications and to achieve balanced cooling and silent operation.

TwisterStorm is Enermax's new fan flagship, combining 3500rpm, Twister Bearing technology and SSC to create excellent cooling performance. It is ideal for workstations, servers, or overclocking systems, which required heavy-duty cooling devices. TwisterStorm will be available in September. Price and availability may vary based on region. Please consult your local Enermax representative for more information.
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Darn, no ear plugs included in the package. At 3,5k RPM you'll need them. This is really more for computers where noise is hardly ever an issue. Like the SOHO servers or something like that, where you stick a box in some isolated room and you don't really care how loud it is for as long as it is cooled well.
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Some enthusiasts may opt for these fans but they certainly wouldn't be ideal for most folks at 2500 rpm plus.
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