Monday, December 1st 2014

Thermalright Announces True Spirit 140 BW Rev A CPU Cooler

Air cooling expert Thermalright launched the True Spirit 140 BW Rev A CPU cooler, the latest iteration of its popular 140 mm-fan ready tower-type cooler. This revision sees the overall height of the main heatsink lowered by 5 mm, by thinning the base a little, and compacting the fin-stack (without reducing the number of fins). A matte black fin tops off the stack. The cooler uses six 6 mm-thick nickel-plated copper heat pipes, that convey heat drawn from a mirror-finish nickel-plated copper base, through the fin stack, which can hold on to a pair of 140 mm fans. A Thermalright TY-142 spinner comes included. Including this fan, the cooler measures 80 mm x 155 mm x 165 mm (WxLxH), weighing 770 g. It supports nearly every modern CPU socket type, including LGA2011v3, LGA1150, AM3+, and FM2+. Thermalright could price the cooler on par with the existing True Spirit 140, at US $55.
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Silas Woodruff
I think this is a pretty great cooler for the money, great value with awesome performance.
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Thermalright has always delivered quality HSFs IME. This looks to be a nicely refined unit. Test results will show if it's a good choice, but I expect it is.
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They stay with six 6 mm heat pipes, unlike 'Power' variant that came with six 8 mm heat pipes. While they did reduce the high by 5 mm, they shifted the heat pipes and fins to one side, so it's won't block upper most PCIe slot, which is welcomed.

There been a few reviews on this revision of this CPU cooler already, it perform just as well as the 'Power' variant, though in some test it has lost about 1-2°C degrees. I guess it depends on the end user, if they get bother by the lost of degrees.
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Have one ordered to test. Hopefully it will be soon.

Part of the reason for 6mm pipes is they can be bent on smaller radius and keep cooler lower in height..

Problem is most reviewers don't monitor the air temperature going into cooler, but use room temp instead. That's like looking at the thermometer in the bedroom to see how warm the kitchen is .. if cooling the kitchen will be warmer than if the door is open, but neither will have much if any effect on bedroom temp. :D

Just variations in the TIM seat , atmospheric pressure and humidity can easily result in 1-2c differences .. and room temp to cooler intake is easily another 2c .. and can be as much as 10c depending on cooler and cooler fan airlfow versus how well case extracts heated cooler exhaust.

This is why the Silver Arrow SB-E & Silver Arrow IB-E Extremes in some tests are 6-8c cooler than normal models and the same in other tests using room ambient instead of cooler intake temperature. ;)
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