Monday, January 26th 2015

First Core i7 Powered Intel NUC Incoming

Intel's revolutionary NUC (next unit of computing) ultra-compact desktop, which set out to offer performance rivaling desktops ten times its size, was traditionally limited to Core i5 chips at the top-end. Intel wants to change that, and is giving final touches to the first NUC to feature a Core i7 processor, and one based on its 5th generation Core "Broadwell" technology, at that. Bearing a model number of "NUC5i7RYH," this NUC will be driven by a Core i7-5557U dual-core processor (2 cores, 4 threads, 3.40 GHz clocks, 4 MB L3 cache, dual-channel DDR3L-1866 IMC), with Intel Iris-6100 graphics. That could make it the first Steambox-ready NUC to lack NVIDIA or AMD graphics. Intel could use a fan-heatsink to cool the 28W TDP chip.
Source: FanlessTech
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4 Comments on First Core i7 Powered Intel NUC Incoming

For me, this is pure márketing. Low TDP i7's are esentially i5's with sigthly higher turbo frequencies and sometimes a bit more of cache, but still dual cores with HT.

Unless we see quad core -U i7's in the future, there is virtually no difference.
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Resident Wat-man
I want them to stop releasing dual-core i7s, it's just an overglorified i5. There is really no physical difference between the two other than maybe the Iris graphics. An Iris Pro variant could be interesting though.
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Agreed. If they want to do an i7 NUC, then they should develop it on a real quad core, even if it is downclocked to fit the TDP envelope. There are uses for slower quads over faster duals. Horses for courses. But 2 core i7's is just marketing scam.
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