Thursday, October 15th 2015

ZOTAC Announces its Premium Series Solid State Drives

ZOTAC International, a global innovator and leading manufacturer of graphics cards, ZBOX Mini PCs, and Solid State Drives (SSDs), ramps up a new line of storage aimed at offering enduring speed in desktops, notebooks, and external storage as it becomes an essential to every PC.

Available in 240GB and 480GB capacities, the Premium Edition SSDs bring with it a suite of features. At the heart sits a quad-core Phison SSD controller and outstanding MLC NAND for marathon reliability with up to 480 TBW and up to 3,000 PE cycles. With robust performance delivering sequential read/write speeds of up to 520MBps and 500MBps, the Premium Edition SSDs are within a hair's width of the SATA III bandwidth saturation point.
Data Protection
With data moving in and out at incredible speeds, data corruption can be an occurrence. The ZOTAC Premium Edition SSDs feature technology that enhances data protection, including:
  • End to End Data Path Protection - detects and corrects any errors along the paths that your data takes between the DRAM, controller, and NAND
  • SmartECC - reconstructs bad/faulty pages when regular ECC checks fail
  • SmartRefresh - monitoring the health status of ECC blocks and refreshing blocks intermittently to advance data retention
  • Power Failure Protection - minimizing the time data is housed in the cache to prevent data loss during unexpected power outage
  • Dynamic Wear Leveling - ensuring that the use of the NAND is spread out to extend the SSD's lifespan
All ZOTAC SSDs are backed by a limited three year warranty.

Product highlights:
  • Capacities: 240GB and 480GB
  • Phison quad-core controller
  • 3000 PE Cycle and up to 480 TBW
  • 7mm height, 2.5?? SATA III SSD drive
  • Seq. Read: up to 520MB/s
  • Seq. write: up to 500MB/s
  • Up to 512MB DDR3 cache
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6 Comments on ZOTAC Announces its Premium Series Solid State Drives

Good more competition, and Zotac has always had agressive pricing for its products as far as i remember.
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Thermaltake fanboy
well zotac made quality products and never let price put you away from their lines, god guy zotac making affordable SSD's for all the crew? that’s what I hope!

Simple and clean design, i like it!
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Not against more variety on the market, but... SSD market is stale for a while. Same products, different stickers. If that is competition then thanks but no thanks.

Zotac is famous for competitive pricing, but they won't come to the market and suddenly dump stuff 50% in price vs competition. It won't happen and as such it makes no difference whatsoever. Stupid times we live in. Every vendor want to make and sell everything. Making one or two exceptional things is not good enough. What counts is making 15 forgettable things and selling them under million of stickers preferably with no warranty to speak of or with rules so complex and convoluted that honoring guarantee is just a scam.
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Jun 30th, 2022 13:11 EDT change timezone

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