Monday, October 26th 2015

TechPowerUp News: WD Buys SanDisk, a Mighty Gaming AIO, and SilverStone RVX01

In this week's TechPowerUp News - WD's whopping $19 billion acquisition of NAND flash major SanDisk and what it could mean for both brands, MSI's insanely powerful all-in-one gaming desktop; and a fully-integrated NUC desktop by Intel following three generations of the revolutionary platform. Also, an exclusive sneak peek at SilverStone's Raven RVX01 mid-tower case!

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5 Comments on TechPowerUp News: WD Buys SanDisk, a Mighty Gaming AIO, and SilverStone RVX01

Getting better and better.

Better background but still not the right one.

Why not in front of your desk or something?

I actually like your gesturing with your hands. It adds to your presentation, so seeing a little more of you might be a good thing.

You look and sound more relaxed so it's more enjoyable to watch!

Keep it up!
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Keep up the good work, you have come a long way since the first episode!

To me the white background is fine, but if i should give any feedback it would be to have some better and more powerful lighting.
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I feel like you're using a lot of non-verbal speech with you're hands that I'm not seeing in the video. A suggestion I would just throw out there is that you put more of your body into the shot so that we can relate not only with the speech, but also with the non-verbals. Maybe down to let's say to about the belly button?

Example: <div class="youtube-embed" data-id="x7rZnHa7tw8"><img src="" /><div class="youtube-play"></div><a href="" target="_blank" class="youtube-title"></a></div>

I know you can never be a hot chick, but someone who knows their stuff and knows how to keep an audience interested is something I wouldn't mind getting my tech-news from.
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Well done dude. You're improving and you're listening to feedback.
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Gaming Moderator
Looks amazing now. Plus your cuts of the NPU video are fantastic, actually made me laugh.
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