Sunday, May 29th 2016

GeIL Announces the EVO Forza DDR4 Memory Series

GeIL, a leading global manufacturer of PC components and peripherals, presents its latest addition to the EVO hardcore gaming memory product family - the DDR4 EVO FORZA Series. Developed with GeIL's MTCD - Maximum Thermal Conduction & Dissipation technology, the FORZA heat-spreader provides superior cooling performance.

Available in Hot-rod Red and Racing Yellow, the EVO FORZA Series is designed to be compatible with the latest Z170 and/or X99 platforms with frequency of up to 3866 MHz. In order to ensure the highest quality and reliability, the EVO FORZA Series are thoroughly tested and burned-in by GeIL's own DYNA4 SLT & DYNA4 DIMM SLT fully- automatic testers.
More information on EVO FORZA will be presented during Computex 2016, Taipei.
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2 Comments on GeIL Announces the EVO Forza DDR4 Memory Series

They make my Evo Potenza's look almost ordinary (but not quite) :D
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is it too tall? cause, no sense making heatspreaders taller, even on ddr4 at 1.2v, just for looks for sure. Take for example the new avexir rog line, just ridiculous unecessary heatspreader.
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