Tuesday, May 31st 2016

ADATA Launches Maxiotek Controller-based SU700 Value SSD

ADATA is a launch partner for Maxiotek MK8115 processor, a new entrant to the consumer SSD scene, with the new SU700 series. These drives will be ADATA's most affordable, and targeted at buyers upgrading from hard drives. The MK8115 is mated to synchronous Micron-made DRAM-less 3D TLC NAND flash memory, in capacities ranging up to 1 TB. ADATA put out CDM performance numbers for the drive, which clocks in at 554 MB/s sequential reads, and 529 MB/s sequential writes.
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3 Comments on ADATA Launches Maxiotek Controller-based SU700 Value SSD

They made the first line "Seq Q32T1" and moved "Seq" down to the third row to make that result looks better.
But nah. I amlost thought this as some high-end performance before I realized that's just bs.
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Does it support 2D TLC as well ?

Does this controller company have a website ?
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Any new release of SSDs are more than welcome. Is the only way for a healthy competition that brings the prices even lower.
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