Saturday, December 23rd 2006

NVIDIA nForce 680i BIOS Updates

This morning, NVIDIA and its partners released a new system BIOS for the NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI "Designed by NVIDIA" motherboards. These are the motherboards designed by NVIDIA and sold by EVGA, BFG, Biostar, and ECS. This BIOS update eliminates a bug related to the operation of SATA hard disk drives experienced by some customers. The bug is specific to these "Designed by NVIDIA" motherboards, and is not present on any other NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI motherboard, nor is it present in our MCPs (chipsets). Please click here and choose the manufacturer of your motherboard to download the appropriate update. NVIDIA strongly recommends that all customers upgrade their motherboards to this new BIOS, regardless of whether or not they have experienced this bug.Source: [H]ard|OCP
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I look at it like a redneck: "if it ain't broke don't go a fix'in it". Nvidia wants us to do a lot of things... do we ever listen, nope.
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HD data corruption can be a serious issue for most folks so if you have one of the specific mobo models affected, it would be wise to update the BIOS. People have already lost valuable data. If your PC data isn't important then I guess it doesn't really matter if you update the BIOS or not.

As other's have noted, it's unfortunate that Nvidia didn't do more thorough testing of their mobo design before releasing it to production. Data corruption is a totally unacceptable problem for any PC IMO and this problem should never have escaped Nvidia's attention.
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Lord_Garshna said:
"if it ain't broke don't go a fix'in it"
-.- ... It's broke, and they fixed it.
bug related to the operation of SATA hard disk drives experienced by some customers
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Bird of Prey
Being a fellow redneck, that isnt always the saying. Besides, we always workin' on sum cars or sumfin'. Got dem dere coon dogs runnin wild all night long. YeeeHAW!!! ::compose::

Anyways, on a serious note, it is unfortunate that this did get by NVIDIA. At least they tried hard to get it taken care of as soon as possible. Hopefully, this will take care of the problem and no more ill will come of this.

-The Eagle
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Interesting how they fixed this so fast, but have not did the same with the Uli 1575 on my asus a8r32-mvp deluxe which was and is having the exact same sata hdd issues as teh 680i chipset, but has been out and happening for a lot longer.
Now Im connected to the silicon image controller. Hopefully nvidia and the motherboard makers will fix this problem for the Uli M1575 also since it affects a lot of people.

Very dissapointing indeed, nice to see they admitted there was a problem with the 680i and fixed it though, I dont know if they admitted it about the M1575 though.

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