Thursday, November 10th 2016

Nanoxia Announces the CoolForce 2 Rev. B Chassis

Nanoxia introduces the CoolForce 2 Rev. B chassis. Shortly a lightly revised edition of the first model of our new CoolForce series will become available: The CoolForce 2 Rev. B. In the course of our continuing product development, our design team was able to implement optimizations, which are partly based on suggestions from customers and fans. Thus we were able to improve the user-friendliness of the case and integrate the latest technologies.

The main critique from reviewers and customers focused on the dust filter, which was hard to clean, and the complicated way to access the two front fans. Here we use a two-parted front-design in the new revision, separating the I/O-panel from the rest of the case front. This allows users to simply remove the main part of the front. The dust filter is not connected to the fans, making it far easier to remove and clean it, even when the system is running. The access to the front fans and the installation of a radiator was also facilitated.

We also reworked the I/O-panel - here we decided to remove the single USB 2.0 port in favor of an ultramodern USB 3.1 connector. The LED On/Off-Button was moved to the I/O-panel as well, allowing easier control of the two Rigid LED bars. Overall, we were able to notably increase the user-friendliness of the CoolForce 2 in the new Rev. B.

The case offers a variety of features that one would not suspect in this price class. This includes, but is not limited, to the versatile ModuWand, the practical "AirCover" in the top, and the two pre-installed Rigid LED bars behind the front.

The all-round cooling system of the CoolForce 2 with three installed 140 mm fans (2 x front, 1 x rear) can be upgraded with additional 120/140 mm fans in the top (max. 3 x), the ModuWand (max. 2 x), and the bottom (max. 1 x).

A variety of installation options for hard disk - four dedicated SSD mounts, additional spots on the ModuWand and the HDD-cage behind the front - allow maximum variability for the installation of hard disks or solid state disks.

The CoolForce 2 Rev. B offers space for CPU coolers with a height of up to 185 mm and VGA cards with a length of up to 300 mm. And if you need more space, remove the ModuWand and install cards of up to 445 mm! And for your multi-GPU system, eight PCI expansion slots are available.

The CoolForce 2 Rev. B will be available in stores from next week, you can place your order now, for example with our German distributor PC-Cooling GmbH. The MSRP is 84.99€, including 19% VAT.

For more information, visit the product page.
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"The main critique from reviewers and customers focused on the dust filter, which was hard to clean, and the complicated way to access the two front fans."

In my opinion, the Air 540 front dust filter set up is about as easy and convenient as you can possibly get. The area of the metal frame where the filter sits is stamped slightly to recess the filter and make it flush with the face of the frame, and easily centers the filter where it needs to be. The corners have magnets that hold it quite securely. You pop it off, rinse/dry, pop it on (and have full access to clean front fan blades at the same time if need be). There is no track to slide it in to, no clips to mess with. Just simple magnets. I wish many other case manufacturers would go this route. Also see Demcifilters as a concept that OEM's could easily use. Theirs are very nice, but way too expensive.
**I'm sure it will be pointed out that there are other case manufacturers that use a similar magnetic filter, my point being that there are way too many that over-complicate such a simple item (such as rev.1 of this case, or my former Antec P180), or just don't include them at all.
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so restricted front intakes ..
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Stupid design totally blocks and restricts the air flow from the front intake fans.
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