Tuesday, January 2nd 2007

AMD putting finishing touches on R600 driver

AMD has a basic driver for it's R600 ready for action, though they definitely want to polish some things before releasing it. AMD knows that CrossFire and OpenGL performance are huge problems in Windows Vista, so AMD is working hard on tweaking these things. The R600 is confirmed to use an 80nm process, have a 512-bit memory controller, unified shader architecture, DX10 support, and enough performance to "make G80 run for its money." The launch is expected to take place in early February, though the launch date has been moved several times.Source: The Inquirer
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4 Comments on AMD putting finishing touches on R600 driver

Bird of Prey
Better to be late and great, than early and surly :)
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I wont count on the R600 being ready by Feburary. Basic drivers means nothing, and they won't be right untill Microsoft is done tweaking Vista.
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That explains a lot. That "Benchmark" was a hoax; there was no driver for it.
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all this good/bad press about the r600 is getting me worried, the more you hear, the more it's starting to echo the nvidia fx series launch, having said that the r520 launch was similarly hyped/lambasted, and it all came good in the end

basically i just want a dx10 card now, whether it's an r600 or a revised to compete g80, yes people say its not worth it as nothing supports it yet, but this was also said about dx9 (i got a 9700pro back then and never regretted it)
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