Monday, January 9th 2017

Lian-Li Showcases Numerous New Products at CES 2017

At CES 2017, Lian-Li showcased their latest, upcoming additions to their product lines: from a standing desk to numerous computer cases and an external RAID enclosure, there was something for every taste.

First, Lian Li's latest addition to their standing desk line of products: dubbed the DK-05, this standing desk allows the user to install two different systems (supporting E-ATX motherboards) at the same time, something that its predecessor was unable to do. Lian Li suggests that the chassis could house both a file server and a gaming computer, all within a rather striking exterior of tempered glass and brushed aluminum. The desk features a motorized height adjustment, with knobs on a small control panel on the right side of the desk that control both the height adjustment and the speed of the desk's 12 fans (six for intake, and six for exhaust duty). It also supports triple-slot radiators for augmented cooling capabilities.
Meanwhile, the company also showed off the latest addition to its O-series of PC cases, the PC-012. This new chassis is more conventional than the DK-05, but maintains a high level of visual appeal by implementing tempered glass on three sides of its body. The PC-012 also sets itself apart from the pack by separating the VGA card and the motherboard, which serves to highlight both individually, according to the company.
Pulling another page on their original designs, Lian Li also showed their PC-T70, which supports fully transparent top casing or a more guarded look with opaque covers. The PC-T70 supports E-ATX systems with up to 330 mm long graphics cards and up to 180 mm high process coolers. For cooling, up to six 140mm fans and a 120mm fan or up to eight 120mm fans can be used. A 240 mm radiator space is available for water or AIO cooling.
The company also revealed their EX-20C External RAID enclosure, which supports BOD / RAID-0 / RAID-1 / SPAN(BIG) RAID types, comes in at 80mm (width) x23mm (height) x145mm (depth) and supports up to two SSDs/HDDs up to a maximum 9.5mm thickness. The drive's internal protocol stands at SATAIII, with external connections being a much wider (and thus unused to its full potential) Type-C Gen.2 USB 3.1 port.
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Incredibly ugly as always. Lian-Li is an expert by now in haphazardly slinging some metal and glass together and charging $9999. Why no price in the article? Because that's actually what that desk is gonna cost. While I only said it as a joke, this is serious business for Lian-Li...
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Having sometime ago outgrown the need for garish lighting and flashy colors, I rather like the subdued, simplistic styling.
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