Tuesday, February 14th 2017

AMD to Hold Capsaicin Event at GDC 2017

AMD has announced that they will be holding a Capsaicin Event at GDC 2017 on February 28th. Named "Capsaicin & Cream", this event could serve as a playground for its highly-awaited Ryzen launch, whilst allowing AMD to pair a showcase of its new CPUs (and thus borrowing some of the hype) with some tentative tasting of its upcoming graphics products.

The will be split up in two sections: first up is a Livestream (much like AMD's previous New Horizon celebration), taking place between 10.30am and 11.30pm PST, a " feature-packed show highlighting the hottest new graphics and VR technologies"; secondly, AMD will be hosting a private developers session, running between 2.30pm and 5pm PST, "with a special talk featuring Unity and Epic", followed by a private, GDC-attendees-only afterparty.
Source: Overclock3D
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I just want the pepper.
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News Editor
They should have added patience too.
I see you, mister, and I respect you! :toast:
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Hmm, i want my sriracha flavored RyZen, medium overclocked please. Served with a nice Vega on the side.
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< Allergic to capsicum

Well, guess i'm staying intel.
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They should have added patience too.
Or maybe like this
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And into the abyss we go....

r U ready ??????????????
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