Friday, May 26th 2017

MSI, ASUS, ASRock and Gigabyte Tease Their X299 Motherboards for Computex

Disclaimer: It's currently unclear whether or not the majority of these are actual X299 motherboards. Remember MSI's GODLIKE tease, which was expected to be a X299 motherboard due to the number of PCIe slots on offer, but ended up being a Z270-based one? Well, we remember, hence why we start with this disclaimer to pour some cold water on expectations. However, there is one model that can be said to be a X299 offering pretty confidently: MSI's tease of a new Gaming Pro motherboard, which shows the four RAM slots as close to the I/O bracket: a design usually reserved for quad-channel supporting platforms. Port design in the PCIe and M.2 fronts seems similar to the GODLIKE Z270, but it would seem that MSI has designed another kind of an M.2 Shield interface, which now encircles a PCIe port while cooling two simultaneous M.2 SSDs.

The next motherboard, which we can't confirm is really a X299 based-one, is teased by ASUS, under its Republic of gamers branding, which shows the integration a an LCD screen in the motherboard footprint. The LCD seems basic enough, and could be useful so as to visually check operating frequencies and temperatures, though ASUS naturally had to add their ROG bling to it. Seems like simple LED support was too 2016 for them.
ASRock is the next one in the race, teasing another physical manifestation of their Taichi motherboard branding. ASRock has delivered excellent X370 motherboards as of late with their Taichi line, so here's hoping they continue to do so with this (purported) X299 offering. The PCIe and M.2 ports' arrangement certainly look like it... ASRock is announcing it as "a beauty, posh, delicate and cool", which is... Well, I reserve judgment.
Finally, there's Gigabyte, with a clearly AORUS-branded motherboard. We know there is an AORUS X99 motherboard in the wild already, the Gaming 7, which was identified running Intel's upcoming Core i9 7900X, so this could very well be it. The number of PCIe ports certainly seems to scream X299, but we've been burned by that assumption before, so I'll leave it to you to consider whether or not this is the case. Computex is coming, and it promises to be one of the most interesting ones in years.
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6 Comments on MSI, ASUS, ASRock and Gigabyte Tease Their X299 Motherboards for Computex

The picture with M.2 shields is actually MSI X370 Gaming M7.
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I bet the last picture is X299, but I have no proof. We will see in 4 days.
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Motherboard teasers... can anything be more boring.
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LCD: I must say that my MSI Z270 Xpower already comes with a newer type of LCD: after the boot codes it stays on and shows realtime CPU temp! Really nice because I can see it (glass case) all the time... ;)

MSI M.2 covers (pic 2): looks totally bad design. Needs removal of PCI-cards to access M2 slots? ffs!
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Thermaltake fanboy
ShurikNMotherboard teasers... can anything be more boring.
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May 26th, 2022 16:02 EDT change timezone

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