Thursday, June 1st 2017

Aerocool KCAS Series Power Supplies Pictured

Aerocool showed off its KCAS (does it sound like "kickass"?) series upper-mainstream power supplies (PSUs). The lineup includes the KCAS-G (fixed-cabling) and KCAS-GM (partially-modular cabling), the company showed off their 850W models. The PSUs feature enough juice and straws for a high-end gaming PC build with up to three graphics cards. A star-attraction here, is the 120 mm cooling fan with RGB LED lighting. Under the hood, the KCAS series PSUs feature single +12V rail design, with 80 Plus Gold switching efficiency, APFC, and most common electrical protection features.
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where the hell are my stars
Who makes them?
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Had Aerocool VP 750w, lasted 2 years but i suspect it was my fault because when i open it there was A LOT dust (my case already has dust filter for psu which I was cleaning regularly but I never though so much dust made it through), bought it for 39.99€.
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