Tuesday, August 22nd 2017

HP Announces the Omen X Gaming Laptop - Built for Overclocking

HP has announced the first Omen X laptop for the consumer market, and this is one laptop that HP hopes is enough to rule them all. Omen is HP's high-performance gaming brand, and the Omen X brings with it true desktop replaceability pedigree to justify that target audience. Most important: the Omen X laptop allows for overclocking, due to a cleverly designed vapor-chamber and high-powered fans cooling methodology. It allows users to overclock their unlocked i7 processor, alongside the DDR4 memory and GTX 1080 graphics card - and a translucent window lets you take a peek under the hood. A single removable panel offers access to the RAM, storage and other user-replaceable parts. A mechanical keyboard with programmable macros ensures perfect responsiveness and customizability, sporting per-key RGB lighting.
Display options stand at a 17" 1080p 120Hz (with G-Sync) panel or a 4K one, depending on which factor you favor the most. There's DTS Headphone support, RAID 0 support and Bang & Olufsen-tuned speakers. In terms of ports, customary USB 3.0 gallore, Ethernet, SD Card reader, 2x Thunderbolt 3 connectors and a headset-ready dual audio jack. As you might have expected, all these specs and details come at a premium price: the Omen X Laptop should reach Europe, the Middle East and Africa sometime in November starting at $1,999. At that pricing, you can get the base model, which ships with a GTX 1070 and the 1080p display, 16GB of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD / 1TB HDD. If you fancy some more power under the hood, you can go all the way and spend $3699 on a GTX 1080 with 4K display, 32GB of RAM, and 2x 1TB of SSD storage / 1TB HDD. The top model also includes an overclockable Core i7-7820HK processor instead of the Core i7-7700HQ found on the entry and mid-level models.
Source: Engadget
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7 Comments on HP Announces the Omen X Gaming Laptop - Built for Overclocking

looking good. Is that a 15" screen?
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News Editor
George.kh said:
looking good. Is that a 15" screen?
17". Updated the story with that and other details =)
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Hugh Mungus
Durvelle27 said:
Man that that is exspensive
True, but cheap laptops (like the old omens XD) suck! At least this should have a decent build quality.
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For that kind of money it should atleast be a desktop CPU and gpu module instead of BGA.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Good thing with RGB lightning so you can disable that utterly stupid red light.
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just give as real picture as notebookcheck does not this computer generated crap.
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