Tuesday, January 16th 2007

NVIDIA ForceWare Vista Drivers for 8800 Cards

Finally, LaptopVideo2Go.com has leaked one of the most anticipated NVIDIA ForceWare drivers for GeForce 8800 Series working with Windows Vista 32/64bit. According to other users the driver performs really well, but be carefull because it is not WHQL certified. Use at your own risk. Click here to download the NVIDIA ForceWare X 100.30 Vista driver for 8800 Series of video cards.Source: LaptopVideo2Go.com
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Bird of Prey
What is WHQL certified and why is it important?
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WarEagleAU said:
What is WHQL certified and why is it important?
Usually only official drivers are WHQL certified, that's what I mean with "non WHQL"...it's not officially released by the manufacturer.

Definition for WHQL:
Short for Windows Hardware Quality Labs, a Microsoft facility that tests and certifies third-party hardware and driver products for compatibility with Windows operating systems. Products that meet the compatibility requirements are then allowed to display Windows logos on product packaging, advertising and collateral and other marketing materials, indicating that the product has met the standards of Microsoft and that the product has been designed to work with the Windows operating systems.
Once a product has received the WHQL logo it is listed on the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List.
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nVidia dosent even hint towards them on their website.
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