Tuesday, October 17th 2017

Cooler Master Introduces MasterWatt PSU Series

Cooler Master, celebrating its 25th anniversary, today announces an expansion to their 80 PLUS Bronze certified line, MasterWatt. Cooler Master created the MasterWatt line for people seeking premium features in a Bronze efficiency power supply. This new line of power supplies offers an improved modular design, enhanced cables, and an innovative semi-fanless system. Inside, a dual forward / DC-to-DC circuit design ensures stable +12V output even in cross loading conditions. MasterWatt is the well-rounded successor to the classic GM series power supply line, widely sold around the world.

Collective feedback incorporated from around the world led to the development of specific features within the MasterWatt series. Cooler Master revised all the cables to accommodate larger cases and the trend of better cable management, resulting in cables that are 14% longer than previous generations. The MasterWatt series use more conductive PCIe cables that are 16AWG for less resistance, thus increasing efficiency of power delivery to graphics cards.
Equipped for Global Business
Cooler Master surveyed the requirements of their extensive network of distributors and partners to ensure the needs of consumers around the world were met. As a result these power supplies deliver better performance while maintaining cost efficiency. MasterWatt models will be available wherever Cooler Master products are sold and covered by a 5 year global warranty. Each model meets international safety standards, environmental production standards, and are equipped with full protection of safeties. In addition, the design meets strict targets of lower noise pollution, under 30dBA.

The Quiet Revolution
Cooler Master power supplies create to a quieter PC, by considering small details within the design. The internal fan is a quiet Silencio model, with a well-known reputation for noise reduction within Cooler Master's case and thermal product lines. These Silencio fans have swept fan blades for less air turbulence, and feature Cooler Master's smooth operating, sealed LDB bearings. Added component improvements ensure that the power supply can output without a fan up to 15% of rated wattage. This hybrid controller has a gradual fan curve, yielding little to no noise, while delivering the customary cooling required at all output levels. Cooler Master is committed to reducing sound on the MasterWatt series, and will continue to incorporate technologies that reduce noise in their future power supply product lines.

MasterWatt models will be available end of October 2017, for a suggested retail price of:
  • MasterWatt 450W € 59,99
  • MasterWatt 550W € 69,99
  • MasterWatt 650W € 79,99
  • MasterWatt 750W € 89,99
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3 Comments on Cooler Master Introduces MasterWatt PSU Series

I thought the whole reason for moving to "Master" series was to consolidate the product lineup, now it seems CM has started to mess up their product line worse than it was before.
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Nice to see Silencio fans in the PSU's. These are super quiet and also push a lot of air through tightly packed PSU...
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HEC platform with teapo and elite caps, most likely 85c

It's going against the current Corsair CX series (is it version four now?) and EVGA B3 in terms of price and quality and it loses to both brands on quality. In terms of price, looking at Masterwatt lite series prices I think it will be priced higher then both series mentioned above.
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