Monday, October 17th 2016

Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Available Today

Microsoft released Windows 10, code named "Threshold 1," a little over two years ago. As of May of this year, there were approximately 500 million Windows 10 devices worldwide. Originally, Microsoft predicted that Windows 10 would be installed on 1 billion devices by mid-2018. When released, Windows 10 gained huge adoption from those running Windows 7 from the "free-upgrade program" which lasted one year.

Since then however, installations have slowly declined and in July of last year, Microsoft admitted that they would miss their projected goal of 1 billion devices. Since its release, Windows 10 has had three major update releases with "Threshold 2," in 2015, "Anniversary Update," in 2016, "Creators Update" in April of this year and today marks the release of Microsoft's fourth major feature update to its operating system, dubbed "Fall Creators Update," version 1709.

Today's update brings about many new features including:
  • OneDrive On demand (formerly known as OneDrive Placeholders introduced in WIndows 8.1) a way to keep track of your files stored on OneDrive from any of your devices without having to store them locally.
  • 'My People' Hub Integration makes it easier to stay in touch with people right from the taskbar
  • Story Remix gives you to the tools and the power to create content from your photos and videos to make memorable stories
  • Windows Mixed Reality brings a new generation of augmented reality where the real world meets the digital one.
  • Fluent Design System is Microsoft's new design that will take place over the next few years with each feature update. Microsoft intends to make all products and devices one user interface and it begins with the Fall Creators Update.

Furthermore, Microsoft has made changes and brings privacy enhancements with today's update. The Fall Creators Update gives users more control of what information is being collected. Users will be greeted with the Privacy Statement on the setup process to get an idea of what information that entails. Microsoft is also adding two game anti-cheating systems, called TruePlay and Game Monitor, to address the problem of cheating similarly to what VAC (Valve Anti-Cheating) does for Steam.

The Fall Creators Update is available today but will be rolled out in stages as usual. Newer devices most compatible with Windows 10 will receive the update first. The rollout will take several months before everyone is updated. However, if you don't see today's update you can use the Update Assistant Tool to manually update now, here. Source: Microsoft
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78 Comments on Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Available Today

I like the changes too.

One great thing is it didn't change any of my settings
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Jetster said:
I like the changes too. One great thing is it didn't change any of my settings
Hey that's a plus!
fullinfusion said:
loved the changes in the FC update but sadly it's not even close to being ready for the public release.
Typical MS routine. Release something before it's ready and make the public do your "beta testing". And we're two years out from release.
fullinfusion said:
I did a clean OS install and it is buggy, start tab wouldn't work, Edge Browser tabs are f*&#^%...
That seems to be a common thing happening to a bunch of users. Seems unready to be a daily driver..
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Octopuss said:
I don't like the system at all, but you win the idiot of the week award.
Care to elaborate? Or you just ran out of arguments and started throwing insults?
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