Wednesday, October 25th 2017

MSI, PALIT, ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Graphics Cards Also Pictured

Videocardz does a great job on putting their hands on as-of-yet unreleased pictures of upcoming GPUs, and this time, they've brought out some more custom takes on NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card from MSI, PALIT, and yet more ZOTAC models. MSI has shown their red and black color scheme yet again on their Gaming model; lower in the product stack comes the Armor model, with its black and white color scheme; and finally, there's the blower-type Aero version of the GTX 1070 Ti.

PALIT hasn't shown their hand on the blower-style GTX 1070 Ti, which they almost assuredly have; however, there are some pictures fo two of their custom models. There's a Dual-Fan model with the same name, and another, slightly higher-tier looking JetStream version, which likely brings some RGB elements and a custom PCB - likely, the GTX 1070 Ti version of their GTX 1080 JetStream graphics card.
Finally, there are another two ZOTAC models here, which aren't as interesting as the ZOTAC Mini, and fall somewhere along the lines of almost all of the other already leaked models. The GTX 1070 Ti AMP! Extreme features a tri-fan cooler, and some RGB elements, whereas the AMP! Edition cuts back on the fan number down to the more common dual configuration, does away with some detailing in the cooler shroud, and should feature lower amount of RGB elements.
Sources: ZOTAC @ Videocardz, MSI @ Videocardz, PALIT @ Videocardz
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