Wednesday, December 28th 2016

DeepCool Launches Baronkase Liquid Case with Pre-installed AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

BARONKASE LIQUID is an all-metal Micro-ATX body that supports ATX motherboards with a solid metal handle at the top making it an ideal solution for a portable VR-ready PC. It features the Captain 120EX AIO liquid cooling system incorporating a specially designed flow indicator which makes the flow rate of the coolant clearly visible. It supports a full sized ATX mainboard, which is achieved by allowing the PSU to be mounted at the top of the case towards the front and bringing power to the PSU with an extension cable provided. Full length graphics cards can also be fitted by removing a name plate on the back panel. The integrated RGB lighting system allows simultaneous color changing of different parts of the system including flow indicator, water block, SSD shroud and LED strip. One illuminated 2.5" drive bay is vertically oriented so it can be clearly seen through the side window.
The RGB lit chassis has all-in-one water cooling included, the Captain 120EX AIO which adopts a 120mm sized radiator with an impressive flow meter to the side. It should be noted that the illumination color is it can be changed on the front top controller. Cooling fans, front 120mm × 1, top 120mm × 1 (for water-cooled) standard. Maximum front 120mm × 2 / 140mm × 1, the top 120mm / 140mm × 2, can be incorporated into the bottom 120mm × 2. Drive bay layout, 3.5 / 2.5-inch bay × 2,2.5 inch bays × 3 configuration. Up to 340mm of graphics card, a total height 168mm for the CPU cooler.

More Info:

  • Black Version: 139.99 USD
  • White Version: 149.99 USD
Available in January, 2018
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9 Comments on DeepCool Launches Baronkase Liquid Case with Pre-installed AIO Liquid CPU Cooler

looks amazing, and really nice size for gaming or streaming pc, just one but, if they install 240 size radiator, would be amazing combo for that price and setup.
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Interesting, would like to see it close up
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cucker tarlson said:
What the hell.... kill it before it lays eggs.
That "handle" (a piece of bent sheet metal) - looks like a middle school metal shop project gone wrong. This gets my vote for the ugliest case this year.
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That handle looks very uncomfortable...
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So, the included flow meter will work if you build a WC setup? I don't see it part of the AIO.
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Decent price for the overall setup and not terrible looking.

Would be better with a 240mm rad though
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Why do they re-release this crap every single year without getting a single qualified engineer to take a look at why they always sell exactly 5 units each time?
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