Wednesday, January 10th 2018

MSI Releases Motherboard BIOS Updates Addressing Recent CPU Vulnerabilities

MSI, one of the world leading motherboard developers, has been working swift on solutions ever since receiving a formal notice from Intel stating that the current Intel microcode version might be subject to recently identified security vulnerabilities. To ensure any system powered by MSI Z370-series motherboards is operating securely, Intel and MSI have been working around the clock to prepare updated microcode and release new BIOS updates, which are now available for download. More information from Intel on the updated microcode can be found here.

MSI strongly recommends its users to update their systems by downloading and applying the latest BIOS. It is recommended to review Intel's Security Advisory, for more information, including appropriate identification and mitigation measures. Furthermore, MSI is preparing updates for its X299-series, 200-series, 100-series and X99-series motherboards. For these platforms, BIOS versions containing similar security patches are expected to be ready very soon. Keep an eye on the product pages to check for their availability.
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Well done MSI to be one of the first manufacturer to update CPU Microcode via BIOS. ASUS also released Version 1203 updates for our Maximux IX motherboards with quite a few goodies..
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You left Intel off of the headline.
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