Friday, January 12th 2018

COUGAR Announces the Phontum Gaming Headset

COUGAR is proud to announce today the arrival of its new Phontum gaming headset. Two interchangeable ear pad sets and splendid audio quality are its main strengths. This new headset will be available worldwide before the end of January 2018.

Phontum is COUGAR's unified solution for gamers' high-quality indoor and outdoor audio needs. A dual ear pad system in which the Home and On-the-go ear pad sets complement each other achieves this goal. The Home earpad set, made of memory foam, provides better adaptation and isolation, while the On-the-go earpad set, thinner and lighter, is ideal for outdoor use and commuting. Both ear pad sets sport a premium soft protein surface that feels smooth to the touch. Together, they ensure that the user gets the best experience.
A headset can only be as good as its audio; to ensure the best audio quality for Phontum, COUGAR has not skimped in its components. Its portentous drivers are, at 53mm, larger than those of most competitors. This feature is critical to ensuring enough audio output in different situations. Apart from an extra-large size, Phontum's drivers feature as well a dual chamber structure. This innovative design achieves a better distinction between bass, midrange and treble frequencies. Finally, the drivers' graphene diaphragms significantly reduce distortion. All these features result in clear audio output full of details.

The icing on the cake, as usual with all COUGAR products, is a superb design that is both elegant and aggressive. Phontum's base is a steel unibody design that makes the headset both sturdy and compact. Hand-picked colors play their part: a deep matte black and a bright orange show the COUGAR DNA in action.

Phontum is, in short, a good headset for every gamer on earth that looks great and sounds even better. Indoor or outdoor, console or PC, at work or home, Phontum manages to deliver the best audio in all situations.

Phontum will be available starting today on Amazon and Newegg in the USA, with a US MSRP of USD $54.90.
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Still not online at Amazon here in the US.
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Yep, I went on Amazon again later and they showed up in there. Shipping was almost 13 bucks though. Also, not sure I trust that head band.
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