Monday, February 12th 2018

QNAP Releases QVR Pro, a Professional NVR on NAS with Storage Expandability

QNAP Systems today officially released QVR Pro, a surveillance app that runs alongside the NAS OS as an independent operating environment. QVR Pro turns a QNAP NAS into a professional NVR solution with the advantages of NAS storage expandability and integration with a wide range of IoT devices for an enhanced surveillance experience. QNAP also released a mobile version of QVR Pro Client, providing users greater management and monitoring convenience while on the go.

"QVR Pro is the culmination of knowledge gained from over ten years of feedback from QNAP NVR users. With QVR Pro we aim to deliver enhanced usability, powerful features, and the incorporation of NAS functionalities - including cross-platform client monitoring and management, CMS concepts, failover capabilities, expandable storage, and more," said Alan Kuo, Product Manager of QNAP.
Independent storage and scalable capacity
QVR Pro has a "dedicated storage space" on NAS to ensure that the storage is fully reserved for QVR Pro and the performance will not be impacted by other applications on NAS. As the need for storage space grows with time, users can easily expand their storage capacity by connecting QNAP expansion enclosures to their NAS or by using the unused storage of another QNAP NAS.

Smarter event management system
QNAP provides various APIs for users to quickly integrate a wide range of cameras, configure event alerts and recordings. IoT devices can also be used to make the surveillance system securer and more intelligent.

Powerful camera management and support
QVR Pro supports thousands of camera models from over 140 brands and a variety of image formats, allowing users to quickly build different surveillance solutions tailored to their environments while providing convenient camera management. Users can search for cameras over different networks, add/manage cameras in batches, use 360-degree cameras, and assign dedicated network interfaces to cameras.

Flexible recording space allocation and failover capabilities
Users can pre-allocate storage capacity and assign dedicated storage space for each camera's recordings based on the camera's monitoring scope and importance. To ensure uninterruptable recordings, users can set a spare volume in the recording space. If the original volume fails, recordings can be stored on the spare volume.

Cross-platform monitoring and management with QVR Pro Client
The QVR Pro Client can be installed on Windows and Mac devices or in HD Station on QNAP NAS. Users can flexibly switch from live view or playback mode to take full control over monitored areas. The newly-released mobile app provides multiple display layouts and allows users to monitor multiple channels simultaneously while on the go.

QVR Pro can be downloaded from the QTS App Center. QVR Pro Client is available for QNAP HD Station (installed from within HD Station), Desktop (Windows, Mac and Ubuntu), and Mobile (Android and iOS).

NAS System Requirements:
  • x86-based (64-bit) QNAP NAS with at least 4GB RAM (8GB RAM is recommended for the smoothest usage experience).
  • QTS 4.3.3 (or later).
  • Container Station 1.7.2551 (or later) must be installed before QVR Pro can be used.
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1 Comment on QNAP Releases QVR Pro, a Professional NVR on NAS with Storage Expandability

QNAP QVR Pro is limited to only 14 days video preview/ export. In order to access cctv video recorded older than the 14 day limit, QVR Pro Gold must be purchased for $499 USD.
This is another example of how QNAP continues to invoke limits which unfortunately disqualify it from serious consideration by security system integrators and property owners. When considering the price point all in with QVR Pro Gold, the NAS unit itself, and the hard drives - unfortunately it is not a viable option compared to many other reputable CCTV NVR systems presently available.
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