Monday, January 29th 2007

AMD/ATI Releases WHQL Vista Driver

AMD has released its first Catalyst driver for Vista to feature WHQL certification. The driver works with both 32bit and 64bit versions of the new operating system and is based on the same driver as the 7.1 Catalyst for Windows XP, so it is currently using the same number system. CrossFire multi-GPU support has been enabled but Alternate Frame Rendering is still unavailable, and only the 32bit version can play HD-DVDs and Blu-ray disks. The driver introduces native OpenGL support for Vista and features a redesigned Catalyst Control Center. You can download these drivers here.Source: Reg Hardware
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8 Comments on AMD/ATI Releases WHQL Vista Driver

Frogger said:
At Last;)
At last? Vista is officially released tomorrow, why would businesses and students need it ;)?
Anyway, downloading :D. Can't wait :)
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Bird of Prey
WHQL stands for what again?
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And for what it’s worth, NVIDIA’s OpenGL drivers under Vista aren’t perfect either.

What drivers?
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That is not correct at all.
1st off, disparity is found between x1950xtx and x1950pro when using vista. A 14 FPS jump is completely unheard of between the 2 cards.

2nd If you look at their own review between the cards in XP there again is another disparity between FPS in that review and the one you linked. This alone suggests that the test methods are flawed!:slap: And it shows that the jump in FPS in Vista is complete hog wash! :shadedshu
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