Thursday, September 27th 2018

SilverStone Intros Tundra RGB Series Liquid CPU Coolers

SilverStone today introduced the Tundra RGB series all-in-one liquid CPU coolers, with the TD-02 RGB and the TD-03 RGB. These aren't mere RGB refits of the TD-02 and TD-03, but complete redesigns to the Asetek platform. You now get the swivel fittings that Asetek holds patents on, along with completely redesigned pump-blocks and radiators. The TD-03 RGB features a 120 mm x 120 mm radiator, while the TD-02 RGB comes with 240 mm x 120 mm; both with 32 mm thickness, and a ridged aluminium radiator-fin design that improves heat dissipation. RGB LED lighting extends to not just a company logo on top of the pump-block, but also the included radiator fans. The included fans spin between 600 to 2,200 RPM, take PWM input, push up to 83.7 CFM of air, with a noise output of 15.3 to 34.8 dBA, each. Among the current-generation CPU sockets supported are LGA115x, LGA2066, and AM4.
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Silverstone needs to intro an updated FT02 is what it needs to intro! lol.
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Odd that the TD-02 is a 240x120, and the TD-03 is a 120x120. I'd expect it to be the other way around.
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CammSilverstone needs to intro an updated FT02 is what it needs to intro! lol.
Epic case that one
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At least these have decent high-speed fans that push some serious air when needed. I hate AIO coolers with wimpy "quiet" fans.
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PaddieMayneheres mine which ive heavily modified...
Not wrong about heavily modified! lol. I use the hotswap 3.5's which is nice, but I could move that to a NAS for the right redesign.

The biggest issues are as you mentioned, lack of cable management + cable management room, and the 180mm fans being somewhat dated (Noctua 120mm's I'm pretty sure push more).

But the case is so goddamned thermally efficient that it still outperforms most cases, and its one of the only cases where I don't have to deal with GPU sag (which in this era of triple slot monsters is a pretty big deal IMO).
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PaddieMayneMy favourite case ever, im still using it now, like you said just needs updating, with more cable management space behind the mobo, delete the front drive bays, and new improved control on the 180mm fans, heres mine which ive heavily modified...
Not much in the way of difference on the inside between us with your case and my RV02 I wish they'd make AIO that replaces an 180mm fan space though
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