Friday, September 28th 2018

TEAMGROUP Launches Minimalist Style USB Flash Drives

TEAMGROUP, the world's leading memory brand, today launches multiple USB flash drives to satisfy users' different requirements in workplaces or other environments. They are the M181 with USB3.1 and Type-C OTG dual interface, and the lightweight and compact C182/C183 with high speed transfer interface.

The M181 has a compact and exquisite appearance. The color design is based on low key elegant black with amber golden which create an excellent innovative texture. The dual interface M181 has both standard USB connector and Type-C connector, so consumers can use it on MacBook or Android devices with USB-C, and no longer need to carry an adapter cable. Not only both sides of Type-C connector can be inserted, it also offers high speed transfer performance to save time on accessing or saving files. In addition, it provides multiple protections including waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof to protect important data and files in every aspect. The 180° positioning structure makes it easy to use, and the 360° rotating cap design can also free consumers from the trouble of losing the cap_. It is both durable and easy to use.
The minimalist design C182/183 use USB2.0 and USB3.1 (Gen1) high speed interface respectively. The tasteful black and white body of C182 with gray letters makes a clean and simple style. The minimalist and smooth line design is perfectly presented in a tasteful fashion. The classic black of C183 brings out the dazzling light of the precious golden letters, creating a magnificent yet minimalist style. As the need for saving multimedia files increases, the C183 offers a large capacity of 128GB to satisfy consumers' need for saving and accessing 4K video files. The plug and play function of the two USB flash drives make file transferring more efficient. The thoughtful strap hole design makes it easy to carry around. They are your good companions when living in the age of smart technology.
For more information, visit the product pages of the M181, C182, and C183.
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4 Comments on TEAMGROUP Launches Minimalist Style USB Flash Drives

Nice to see USB C finally making an appearance on more & more flash drives/peripherals (and without major price gouging too!)...

This is a good way to push the adoption rate of the connector, now if case mfgr's would just get with the program, we might be able to finally abolish the antiquated, space hogging, fugly, finicky one-sided 2.0/3/3.1 connectors & ports :)

Yeeh haw !
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Well ^^^ you gonna wait long time for that ;)
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Ohh caps. :(

And those small ones really need a hole for putting on keychains. The big ones get too bulky but the small metal ones fit perfectly.
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The M181 keeps talking about Standard USB and USB-C, Is it just a C or is there something magic and it is also standard USB?
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