Tuesday, October 9th 2018

ZADAK Shield 32 GB DIMMs are Double Height, DDR4-3600 with RGB Support

ZADAK announces the very first double capacity DDR4 featuring personalized AURA2 RGB lighting which was built ahead of many competitors, the SHIELD DC(Double Capacity) DDR4. Co-developed with ASUS ROG team, it amazingly supports small form factor motherboards of Intel Z390 including ROG MAXIMUS XI APEX, MAXIMUS XI GENE, and ROG STRIX Z390-I Gaming. With the whole new architecture, it achieves not only double capacity of 32GB for single slot, but also high frequency of 3600MHz with impressive stability. Such a widely praised high-end memory module in the PC world comes along once in a lifetime.
Double Capacity Double Enjoyment
In 2018 ZADAK takes the biggest leap since the original DDR4. SHIELD DC DDR4 comes with double capacity of 32GB for one single stick. The IC dies for SHIELD DC DDR4 were meticulously screened that one IC was chosen out of 10 thousand ICs. ZADAK adopts the whole new architecture with special circuit design on PCB offering double capacity as well as incredible stability under high speed operation. The unprecedented design and functionality of the SHIELD DC DDR4 breaks the limits of inadequate memory on the two-slot platforms. For content creators, 3A gamers, and those gamers who prefer a compact PC for space-saving, ZADAK SHIELD DC DDR4 gives you the double capacity, double speed, and double enjoyment.

High Frequency with Remarkable Stability, AURA2 Synchronization, Perfect RGB lighting
The SHIELD DC DDR4 fully supports the latest ASUS ROG Z390 motherboards. It starts at a clock speed of 3000MHz, going up to 3200MHz at a voltage of 1.35V with CL14-14-14-34 and 3600MHz. It comes with single channel packaging as well as kit of dual-channel one with the highest capacity of 64GB (32GBX2). The RGB lighting of SHIELD DC DDR4 is synchronized with ROG AURA2 so users can regulate the preferable colors and manage the LED flashing patterns.

The Look and Design Embody the Exquisite Workmanship
Instead of light diffuser, ZADAK SHIELD DC DDR4 employs the specially-designed chamfer inside the aluminum top bar presenting perfect RGB lighting effect. The metal machining craftsmanship and thicker aluminum material of 1.5mm give multi-layer design on the heat spreader.
Small form factor with only two-slot motherboard had a problem with inadequate memory. The ZADAK team is comfortably over those limits. SHIELD DC DDR4 is a groundbreaking product. For the enthusiast users and gamers who want to get the maximum capacity and high speed of memory module in their system while using motherboards with two slots only now will have the option of opting for ZADAK SHIELD DC DDR4. It will be on the market in late October with the MSRP USD$799/899/999 for 3000/3200/3600MHz.
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10 Comments on ZADAK Shield 32 GB DIMMs are Double Height, DDR4-3600 with RGB Support

Fishfaced Nincompoop
How close are the DIMM slots to the CPU socket these days? Because DIMM clearence is (or at least was) a pretty big issue with like a ton of after market coolers, and these won't help.
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Will we see a review of these tall modules?
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Smart choice - skip this BS for better density or even next gen products.
From OC perspective: longer PCB traces, more load on IMC, more sensitive to voltage regulation.
From system building perspective: obstruct airflow for most coolers, not compatible with high performance air cooling solutions, may add unnecessary troubles for water cooling solutions.
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Im confused, double capacity stuffed in a 33 gallon tall kitchen bag will still not fit and break the bag open.
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I really see no point in this.... jeez. Especially since it's obviously a "gaming" DIMM....
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Sweet! This is a great excuse for me to upgrade my memory to RGB and increase capacity.

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lol ...they could not find A heatsink that would fit when these were installed ... or they are so damn big its blocking it ?
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I kind of like it aesthetically.
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I was thinking "cool, I think I'll be looking at these when it comes time to buy some DDR4". Then I saw the prices....HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! :twitch::eek:o_O

$800 for a cheap kit?! $1000 for the good stuff?! You can't be serious with that shit. Can you? :kookoo:
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