Monday, November 26th 2018

Spire Intros Ergo, the First Tenkeyless Ergonomic Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Spire late Monday introduced Ergo, a wacky new gaming-grade mechanical keyboard that's the world's first TKL (tenkeyless) to feature a custom ergonomic key layout that reduces strain during prolonged typing sessions. The keyboard smartly splits the QWERTY keyset into two halves that are angled, and places certain vital keys along the gap in the middle. The spacebar, too, is split to fall right under your thumbs. Spire has taken the creative liberty to move quite a few important keys around from where you'd expect them, so there could be a short learning curve to get using this keyboard right. The keyboard offers RGB LED illuminated keycaps, backed by an unknown flavor of Cherry MX mechanical switches. Available now, the Spire Ergo is priced at USD $99.95 (excluding taxes), an optional wrist-rest ships for $30 more.
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Amazing job i was waiting this for a age's

But but please tell me why the hell enter and backspace is in the middle what the hell?
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Even better question: Why the shift and ctrl in the middle of space?
This is not ergonomic, just a mess. A complete design fail.
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This looks so BAD.

RGB / Cheap Plastic / Layout from HELL. PASS. :D
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"It's a crap son" (Beneath the steel sky)
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This is a straight up copy of the X-Bows. Like, completely. They didn't even change the typeface.
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Absolutly disgusting
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From the second image, it looks like the keys are PBT, with 1st gen dye sub (split lettering). Concept is cool but it's pretty ugly.
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Hey all - this is a straight-up copycat. Just heard from X-Bows that Spire even approached them to work together in the past but they weren't able to work it out. Now we have this... one of the most blatant copies I've ever seen. They even kept X-Bow's exact LED flair.

I wouldn't expect this to ever come to market.
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Please note the correct Retail pricing: USD 99.95 and with wrist-rest is USD 129.95

Thank you!
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Updated pricing. The $80 I mentioned yesterday was channel pricing. Spire reached out for corrections.
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